Essential Oils For Pregnancy

I’ve finally reached the third trimester of pregnancy and the end is in sight. It’s so hard to believe that we’re so close to meeting this little girl, and 30 weeks of pregnancy are already behind me. Truthfully, I don’t usually have too hard of a time with pregnancy. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to not […]

Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning and Beyond

Spring is officially here, and with it comes the annual chore of spring cleaning. I’m going to be honest here – cleaning is not my strong suit, and never has been. I continue to wish I would wake up one day with a magical cleaning fairy that would just do it all for me. Since […]

DIY Body Butter

I’ve been meaning to share this body butter recipe for ages. I’ve gotten to the point that I make a lot of my own personal care products, and this is a favorite of mine. It’s completely customizable, so moisturizing, and easy to make. Enjoy! DIY Body Butter Ingredients: 3.5 oz shea butter (I get mine here) […]


I’m kind of in disbelief that it’s already Wednesday. Where has my week gone? It’s been a busy one for me at work this week since I wasn’t in on Thursday or Friday, and I still feel so behind. Here’s what we’ve been up to… While Abbie adjusted to DST just find with the adjustments […]