DIY Cloth Wipe Spray

So I’m back today to share another DIY I use with my cloth diapers – wipe spray. When you cloth diaper, you usually also use cloth wipes. Most people I know store the wipes dry and spray on a solution before wiping their kiddo’s bottom. For a long time, I used a mixture of commercial […]

DIY Diaper Balm

I’m popping in with another DIY care product for you today! I shared my face serum recently, but it’s not the only thing I’ve been making and I’ve got many more recipes for you guys! This is one I use all the time since Abbie is still in diapers and there’s no sign of her potty […]

Baby Talk: Our Cloth Diapering Experience

Linking up with Kristin for Baby Talk! When I was pregnant, I made a decision a lot people thought was crazy – I decided to cloth diaper.  My friends told me it wouldn’t work.  That I’d hate it.  That I would have to touch a lot of poop.  That I would end up going to […]

Why We’re Choosing to Cloth Diaper

At the risk of this becoming a baby-only blog (which, face it, it definitely has lately!), I want to talk about something a lot of my friends find absolutely crazy – cloth diapering. If you’re like a lot of my friends, cloth diapering brings up images in your head of white diapers you have to […]