Abbie: 12 Months = One Year

Weight: 23 1/2 pounds when we went for our sick visit on Thursday – with clothes and shoes on.  She’s big enough for the big scale now – I was SO not prepared for that!

Health: Pretty good with the exception of the virus she was battling last week.  Baby fevers are seriously scary and heartbreaking.  I just wanted to take all the pain away from her!  She’s also got a little bit of a rash that we think if from the virus or teething that just popped up, so we’re keeping an eye on it.

Sleep: Sleeping through the night unless she’s not feeling well or a tooth is coming though.  With her teeth, she usually goes back down after a mini version of bedtime routine.  She still takes a morning and afternoon nap.

Social: LOVES people, and loves being the center of attention.  Says Mama, Dada, and now thank you! She’s constantly babbling and getting new sounds.

Diet: Almost completely switched to whole milk – she’ll be completely switched next week.  She gets 3 7-ounce bottles a day (before each nap and before bed), plus breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  She’s been known to take our snacks out of our hands!

Clothes: She still fits in some 12 month clothes, but we have a TON of 18 month things, so I’ve packed up the 12 month stuff.  There wasn’t room in her drawers for everything!

Baby Gear Love: Just new toys – she loves the picnic set we got her for her birthday, and lately has really loved looking at books – especially while sitting in the chair my in-laws got her for her birthday.

Crying: Just when she doesn’t get her way, or when she’s not feeling well.

Likes: Playing around on the bed, grabbing everything, giving people things (she has a bag of blocks at my parents’ and gives them out to everyone), dancing (seriously, all the time – it’s so funny), water from her sippy cup, black beans, petting the cats.

Nicknames: Abs, Bug, Buggie Bug, Baby Bug

Milestones:  3 Teeth, Walking, more and more words every day, can get up to stand by herself (without pulling up on anything), learning to open and close doors…and likes to flush the toilet.  Silly girl.

My silly little girl,

Well, we’re here – you’re officially a toddler, and I can’t believe this year flew by so fast.  I find myself remembering where we were just one short year ago, and thinking about how much you’ve changed this year.  I still look at you and can’t believe you’re mine.  You show us more and more of your personality each day, and I’m starting to see the girl you’re going to be – headstrong, independent, funny, sweet, and so loving.  That temper needs some work though!  And you need to stop thinking it’s funny to hit me in the face.  It’s not okay.  I’m so excited to see where the next year takes us, but it does make me tear up a little thinking of the one we’ve left behind.  I love you so, so much, little bug – thanks for making me your mommy.  I hope you had so much fun on your birthday this year, and I promise to try to make each one more special than the last.

All my love,

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About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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  1. girl…congrats on the year mark! your gal…she’s just such a doll. and all that blonde hair…kaye is totally jealous!

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