Abbie: 18 & 19 Months

Well, it only took a year and a half, but I definitely fell behind on these updates.  For the record, I did take these pictures of Abbie at 18 months…and never posted them.  19 month pictures?  Yet to happen, so these are the 18 month ones!

Weight:  About 26 pounds.

Health:  Good, except for the eye stuff that keeps coming back.  At her 18 month appointment, we saw a different doctor who thought it was an infection.  She gave us a prescription (and let me tell you, getting eyedrops into a toddler’s eye is NO fun) and it got a little better, but still keeps coming back.  I think it’s time to find a specialist to look at her eye to see if her tear duct is still clogged and see what we can do about it.

Abbie 18 months

Sleep:  Abbie goes down for the night around 8 am and (usually) sleeps through the night.  She’s been whining a bit in her sleep lately, though.  I think she’s having a growth spurt or has some teeth coming in, since she usually gets cranky when those things happen.  She’s also been way more of a cuddler lately…and this mama is not complaining!

Social:  She loves everyone…but has her occasional shy moments.  She isn’t talking a ton but definitely understands us.  Sometimes she will repeat what we say, but when we ask her to say it again, she won’t.  She consistently says “buh-bye,” “mama,” “dada,” “da” (which means anything from dog to Doc McStuffins), and “shhh.”  I know there’s more in there and am ready for her to start letting it out!

Diet:  All solid food and TONS of water.  We went cold turkey on the bottles last month and she didn’t seem to miss them…except she won’t drink milk from a cup at all.  So, we supplement with cheese and yogurt and call it even.  I can’t make her drink it so I’ve stopped worrying about it.

Abbie 18 months

Clothes:  2T with a few 24 months thrown in.  She isn’t gaining weight very quickly (too busy running it off!), so I’m hoping these clothes will last a while.  On the other hand, it makes it difficult to judge the sizes she’ll be in come winter, and the fall consignment sales aren’t that far away!

Baby Gear/Toys:  She loves puzzles lately and can really understand how to do them.  She still loves blocks, books, her klip-klop horses, our phones…you know, basically anything and everything she can get her hands on.

Crying:  She’s been a bit cranky lately and crying for no reason, and needed so many more cuddles.  Like I said, growing or teeth.  Otherwise, she’s generally a happy little girl.

Abbie 18 months

Likes:  Being outside, the pool, daycare, yogurt, cheese, veggie straws, cuddles, reading the same books over and over again, playing on the big bed, helping with laundry, throwing away random trash she finds (seriously, stuff I don’t even see!), Paw Patrol, Doc McStuffins, dogs, the cats, bushing her teeth, playing with shoes.

Dislikes:  Things being taken away from her, milk in a cup, being strapped in, when playground time is over.

Milestones:  Only 5 months until you’re 2!

Abbie 18 months



We’ve been through some changes these last few months and there are even more to come.  I know you’ll continue to be my brave girl and handle it all, but I’ll be there if you need more of those extra cuddles.  It’s amazing to watch how smart you and help you figure out new things.  Your personality just continues to come out, and I can’t wait until you can talk to me more (although I may regret that statement later).  I love you so much little bug.





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