Abbie: 2 Weeks!

Weight: At her appointment on Wednesday, she was up to 8 pounds, 1 ounce – just 1 ounce shy of her birth weight! I think she’s back up to it now.

Health: Jaundice is all gone and she got a great report from the doctor! We go back next week.

Sleep: She’s actually been doing AMAZING at night, and I’m so surprised. She typically goes down for the night about 11pm or so, and has been giving me some long stretches – 5 hours, 4 hours…and last night, 6.5 hours! I woke up before her and freaked out a little when I saw the time, but she was just fine in there, just sleepy. She tends to nurse A LOT at night before she goes down, so maybe she’s intentionally filling her belly before sleeping? I don’t know how it can last, but I’m enjoying the sleep while I can!

Social: Abbie had her first play date this week – my friend Alyssa brought over her little boy, Justin. Mommy fail – I forgot to take pictures!

Diet: Breast milk and supplementing with formula when necessary. During the day, Abbie’s had some long fussy periods where she wants to nurse almost constantly – like every hour. I hate the idea of giving her formula, but she’s been nursing so often I haven’t had time to pump! I’m concerned she isn’t getting enough milk at some feedings because she starts to fall asleep. I’m not going to lie, it’s frustrating, for both me and Chris. He really wants to help, but I feel so conflicted about her getting formula when I’m around – it almost seems counterproductive. Hopefully shell go back to a more spaced out paced soon – I’m hoping she’s doing this because of a growth spurt!

Clothes: Still newborn and 0-3 month!


Baby Gear Love: We started tummy time this week, so we’ve been using her playmat more…and the boppy is our best friend!

Crying: She gets fussy at night and in the afternoon, and when she’s overtired.

Likes/Dislikes: She HATES her car seat…she cried the entire ride home from the pediatrician the other day – it was torture!

Postpartum: I’m feeling ok. Still a little sore down there, and (TMI) I have some hemorrhoids…but otherwise ok. I’m interested to see what my weight loss is tomorrow at Weight Watchers. When I went back last week, I was down 25 pounds of the 36 I gained with pregnancy.

Milestones: Abbie had her first New Year’s this week, and we somehow survived Chris going back to work! I’m definitely ready for the weekend with all of us!


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3 Responses

  1. Counterproductive is the perfect word -I can’t stand spending time pumping for Matt to give a bottle. It feels like such a waste.
    Have you read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child or Secrets of a Baby Whisperer? I wish we read them earlier than six weeks – I remember feeling like Zach was hungry all the time too (soooo overwhelming). I think he was tired a lot but all we knew was fussy and we knew boob helped! Both books talk about a “routine” of eat, play, sleep every three hours. I’m starting it ASAP with next baby, it made a huge difference. Especially with the falling asleep nursing thing – for Zach that just meant he was actually tired not hungry. Hope that helps!

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