Abbie: 4 Weeks!

Weight: We go back for Abbie’s one month appointment next week (how is it one month already?), but I think she’s close to 9 pounds.

Health: Good. She still has some discharge from her eyes occasionally, and she’s developed some baby acne. Nothing too concerning.

Sleep: The good news – she’s sleeping an average of 6 hours, and another 3 hours at night, going right back to sleep in between. The bad news – she won’t nap. She’ll fall asleep for 10-30 minutes (usually on me), then wake up, either on her own or when I move her. It’s really frustrating during the week when it’s just me and her!

Social: Abbie had a visit with my parents this week, as well as another visit with my friend Alyssa’s son, Justin, and my friends Katie and Heather came over too! Mommy fail – I took no pictures! Katie and Heather did though, so maybe they’ll send them to me!


Abbie and Oma!

Diet: Mostly breast milk with a little bit of formula. I think my supply is FINALLY starting to catch up with Abbie, but it’s really hard when she’s cluster feeding, which she typically does in the afternoon and evening. She’s getting an average of maybe 2-4 ounces a day in formula and the rest is breast milk. I was feeling really conflicted about it for a while, but I’m starting to feel okay about it. I’m hoping my supply will completely catch up soon, but if it doesn’t I’ll be okay with it. I was formula fed, as were 2 of my sisters, and I know several moms that are formula feeding, for various reasons. It’s a super-personal decision and I don’t judge anyone else for their decision, but I have to do what’s right for me and Abbie – and right now that looks like it’s about one bottle a day. I’m thankful for the fact that her diet is 90% breast milk, but mostly I’m glad she’s healthy – that’s the most important thing. If my supply does catch up, great, but if it just keeps up with her 90% of the time, that’s fine too. Plus, it gives me a break and allows Chris some bonding time with Abbie, and he loves that.

Clothes: Still in newborn and 0-3 months and in newborn disposable diapers. I tested the cloth ones over her clothes today and I think we’re getting close to them fitting – the legs are just a little loose but hopefully we’ll be there soon!

Baby Gear Love: Nothing new on this front – her swing and playmat are our favorites.

Crying: Fussy fussy Abbie hits every afternoon and is no fun…and she always wails when she needs a diaper change – she hates being dirty!

Likes: Snuggles – she’s such a little cuddlebug!


Postpartum: Feeling pretty good – I’ve had some more stomach pains this week that I’m assuming are my uterus shrinking back down, and I think I had a good week eating wise – we’ll find out at Weight Watchers tomorrow (I didn’t go last week because of my brother-in-law’s wedding).

Milestones: First big family event – Abbie went to her uncle’s wedding and officially gained Erica as an aunt!  I also think she’s about to start really smiling – she’s been smiling more in her sleep and looks excited when we play with her!


About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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  1. When Noah was 1-4 months old, he would cat nap! Just a half hour here and there. At least she’s sleeping well at night, keep up the good work mama. 🙂

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