Abbie Says, Volume 1

Now that Abbie’s getting older, her vocabulary has exploded. For a while she wasn’t talking that much, and I was trying not to worry, but just keeping a close eye on how she was progressing. Back then everyone kept telling me that when she started talking, it would be all at once – full sentences and everything. Some kids are just like that.

Well, now that that’s happened, Abbie is always talking – in the car, in the bath, at meals, when she’s playing, basically any time she’s awake. Her personality is just coming out more and more every day – sweet, silly, sassy, and independent. The best part? The things she says. She’s so silly and I just love every bit of it.

Abbie Says

Going to bed 2 nights ago:
Chris: Okay Abbie, Goodnight I love you.
Abbie: Goodnight Daddy!
(closes door)
A: Mommy, Daddy go to the gym?
Me: No, Daddy went to clean the kitchen and do the dishes.
A: OH, right.

The next night:
C: Goodnight Abbie, I love you.
A: Love you Daddy, bye…Daddy, do the dishes!

Abbie Says

Anytime she’s using her play kitchen:
Me: Abbie, what are you making?
A: Pancakes!
Me: Oh, what goes in the pancakes?
A: The milk! The orange juice! The beans! The spaghetti!
Me: Those must be some weird pancakes.
A: Yeah.

Abbie Says

Me: Abbie, why are you doing [insert anything here]?
A: Because.
Me: Because why?
A: BECAUSE, Mommy! Because!

Abbie Says

A: Mommy Daddy look, an airplane! Way up high!
Us: Oh really? That’s so cool!
A: Yeah, airplane go see Captain Jake Neverland Pirates.
Us: Okay, kiddo.

Petting one of the cats:
A: Aw, Missy Cat SO CUTE!
(Mischief runs away)
A: MISSY CAT! COME BACK! Aw, so sad Missy Cat.

Abbie Says

Posing for a picture:
Me: Abbie, say cheese.
A: (says nothing)
Me: Abbie, say spaghetti.

Abbie Says

After I’ve come back from another room:

A: MOMMY! Go see you’re back! (I’m so glad you’re back!)

She also knows every word to every PJ Masks episode and about half three-quarters of the words to Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.”

Oh, life with a three-year-old.

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12 Responses

    1. It was ridiculous. I love how her memory is getting better and better! She’s starting to understand time a little bit and it’s great!

  1. My three year old recently broke out into the full shake it off song and dance on the way back from preschool. It was great ? especially when she started singing “my ex man”…

  2. Hahaha! She’s adorable! I love hearing her little voice on Snapchat too! She’s such a cutie! And I also can’t believe your cat lets her get so close! Our cat runs and hides as soon as the kids get within 30 feet of her!

    1. Hahaha well one cat runs away. The other will take attention anywhere she can get it so she tolerates the Abbie snuggles!

  3. This is adorable! I have started doing this with my daughter. They really say some of the most insane things. It is crazy what they pick up on too!

  4. Noah was the same! A little delayed in speech compared to others but then one day it just clicked and now he talks nonstop. At least around us… He still shy around other people. But the things they say are so freaking cute… I’m actually posting some later this week as well 🙂

    1. See, and Abbie is FAR from shy. She’ll literally talk to anyone (gets that from my mom I think). The things they say just crack me up – can’t wait to read Noah’s!

  5. The stuff these kiddos come up with! It is crazy what little sponges they are and hilarious to hear them put their own spin on things. I wish I’d been better at writing down some of the funny things Kenley has said, but she has us cracking up all the time. This age is SO fun for that reason.

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