Abbie’s Room

Most of you know that we bought our house last fall. Since we’ll be in this house a while, I have full intentions to decorate the whole house. This is the third place Chris and I have lived since getting married in 2011, but it’s the first that’s really felt like ours. I have so many plans, but the very first room I wanted to finish was Abbie’s.

Purple Toddler Girl Room

Abbie’s room is the smallest of our three bedrooms, and that’s on purpose. Honestly, she doesn’t spend a lot of time in there just yet, but I know she will. She will be in this room until we decide the time is right to have another child, so even though it’s a small space, I wanted our to grow with her.

Most of the things in her room are things I had in her previous nurseries, but I did add a few new things with this house. We (my dad, actually) painted the room a soft lilac, and it’s just the right shade. Enjoy your peek around Abbie’s room! 

Purple Toddler Room 1
I always had a “J” on my door as a kid – in fact, I still have it. I wanted Abbie to have one too.
Purple Toddler Room 2

Purple Toddler Room 4

Purple Toddler Room 5

Purple Toddler Room 6

Purple Toddler Room 7
She hardly ever lets me put bows in her hair, but we still have a collection of them!

Purple Toddler Room 8
We HAVE to have Hokie books, naturally. and those Little House on the Prairie books were mine as a kid.
Purple Toddler Room 9

Purple Toddler Room 10

Purple Toddler Room 11

Purple Toddler Room 12
It’s super hard to photograph, but her name decal is metallic silver.
Purple Toddler Room 13

Purple Toddler Room 14

Purple Toddler Room Gallery Wall
Her gallery wall – one of my favorite things I did in her room.
Purple Toddler Room 15

Purple Toddler Room 16

Main Sources:

Crib: Babyletto Modo

Dresser: Ikea Malm

Bookshelf: Ikea Billy

Rocker: Babyletto Madison

Second Bookshelf: A gift from my friend Nina at my baby shower – painted in Virginia Tech and George Mason colors (for our alma maters).

Bedding and Changing Pad Cover: Land of Nod (Except when I took these photos I didn’t have the matching changing pad cover on. Oops!)

Curtain Rod: Lowe’s

Curtains: Amazon

Name Decal: Etsy, shop here

Yellow Blanket: Handmade by my Aunt Sharon

Butterfly art – Ikea

Sunshine print, growth chart, LOVE pillow: Zulily

Prints above dresser: Etsy – shops are here and here.

Gallery wall: Printables, Etsy: 1, 2, 3 & 4; Cross was a gift to Abbie from my Mother-in-law for her first EasterHamsa Hand was handmade in Israel, found on Etsy here.

Hamsa Hand was handmade in Israel, found on Etsy here.

All frames found at Target and Homegoods.

Sofia the First stickers: Target clearance.

Initial Letter: Etsy

Piggy Bank: Painted by my mom for me when I was little!

Jewelry Box: Gift from my sister Rachel

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts on her room!

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14 Responses

  1. Very cute! Love the lilac walls – what paint/color is it? We’re in the process of doing my daughter’s toddler room (also purple) and I am so torn on color choices. The gallery wall is perfect – love all of those prints!

    1. Oh! I can’t believe I forgot to put that! It’s called Sassy Lilac and it’s Valspar at Lowe’s. It’s too bad you don’t live near me – we actually bought too much of it and I still have a full, unopened can of it that I could give you!

    1. It’s the best and was the MOST thoughtful give I received at my baby shower…so special!

  2. Very cute! Love the prints. And the Little House on the Prairie books. I’m not sure if I still have mine floating around somewhere. But those were my first fave chapter books.

  3. Such a cute, cute room and so easy to transition as she gets older. I love the monogram on the door, too. I have one for Maddy but haven’t done anything with it yet. So pretty!

  4. Oh my goodness I love it! That purple is about the same as the one I chose for my daughter’s room. So relaxing and tranquil.

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