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Every year, my family asks what I want for my birthday and the holidays. Despite the fact I know it’s coming every year, I am somehow always stumped on what to ask for. Anyone else? Just me?

You see, during the rest of the year, I have so many things I want to buy myself – books, makeup, shoes, etc… and by the time this time of year comes around, I’m out of ideas.

My family says I’m the worst to shop for. I kind of don’t blame them.

So when Babbleboxx wanted to send me a whole box of things for my wishlist, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. And I will tell you, if you’re still looking – keep reading, because this box had the most amazing things in it!

First up were these AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones. Spoiler alert – Chris immediately tried to take them from me, so know that these are a great gift for both men and women! My favorite thing about these is that they actually sit outside your ear rather than inside, like earbuds do. I actually have smaller ears, so most earbuds aren’t comfortable for me and I have to take them out pretty quickly after I put them in. There are no worries about that with these. I also love that even when wearing these (which they’re so lightweight you barely notice them), I can still hear some of the ambient noise around me. I love that these don’t shut everything out since I think it’s really important to always be aware of your surroundings. I’ve never had a more comfortable pair of headphones, and I know these will be a favorite of mine in the months to come – just in time for the January fitness craze, huh? You can check them out here and grab a pair for someone you love – or yourself!

Next up was the gorgeous Charles & Colvard Signature Halo Moissanite Necklace. I was so excited to receive this and honestly stunned by how beautiful it is. I don’t frequently buy myself nice jewelry and this may have been my favorite thing in the box!  Before this, I had never heard of Charles & Covard or Moissanite, but I’m definitely a fan now! If you’re like me and hadn’t heard of it before, Moissanite is a white gemstone with a gorgeous sparkle. Since it can be created in a lab, it’s an environmentally responsible and ethically sourced gemstone, so it doesn’t contribute to the mining industry. The sparkle on this is unreal and I am so excited to wear it not only to holiday parties this year but all year long. I love the simple elegance of this piece and I’m sure it won’t be my last from them. You can find the piece I received here, or view the entire collection here, and they’re running great specials for the holidays!

Next up, a company I’ve talked about before and love, Chesapeake Bay Candle. I’ll be honest – we don’t burn a ton of candles in our house, but when we do I love the ones from Chesapeake Bay Candles. Since they’re a soy wax blend, they always burn cleanly and are designed and poured right here in the USA. These make great stocking stuffers and great teacher gifts too. The awaken and invigorate candle I received includes eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint and spearmint, but there are so many to choose from! You can find the one I received here, or the entire collection here!

This next one surprised me so much – the Finishing Touch Flawless. You know how you see things on TV and wonder if they work like they say they do? This is one of those things I was never sure about. When I got it in this box and gave it a try – you guys, it’s so easy and works! It removed my facial hair and peach fuzz in seconds, was easy to use (thanks to the built-in light), and my makeup and skincare went on so smoothly afterwards. You won’t regret grabbing this – find out more here!

Next in my box were the Fun Socks Fun x Fiorucci Women’s Sheer Crew Socks – have you ever seen sheer socks before? I hadn’t. I had so much fun with these and with checking out all the great styles the Fun x Fiorucci collection has to offer! You don’t typically think too much about your socks, but with these it’s hard not to! You can view the collection here, which will automatically give you a 15% discount on your first order, or use code BABBLEBOXX at checkout!

Finally, another one for both men and women – this  Cocktail Shaker and Moscoe Mules from Aldi! This shaker is so fun since it has cocktail recipes built right into the design! These would make a great Secret Santa or hostess gift. The best part is you’re not too late to grab them – they’re available in stores starting December 19 for a limited time, and each is under $10 so it won’t break the bank! to find out more, head here!

I absolutely loved getting to sample this box of goodies and hope you found some great ideas! What are you adding to your wishlist this year?

 #AD So many amazing gift ideas on this list! I was fortunate to work with Babbleboxx again this month and received a box of fun gifts perfect for everyone you know - and perfect to gift yourself! Hop over to the blog to check out all the ideas - and it's not too late to scoop them up for the holidays!  #wishlistBBoxx AfterShokz Charles & Colvard Chesapeake Bay Candle Finishing Touch Fun Socks ALDI USA

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