Ella: Ten Months

TEN months. Somehow Ella is TEN months old and I can’t believe it. It seems impossible that her birthday is approaching so fast, but I so love watching her grow. Here’s her ten month update!

Ella at ten months:

  • Weight: No doctor’s appointment until 1 year, but at 9 months she was nearly 19 pounds and I’m pretty sure she’s about 20 pounds now.
  • Length: No idea. I don’t think she’s quite as tall as Abbie was at this age, but her clothes are getting snug so she’s definitely getting taller!
  • Her hair is still a light brown and her eyes are still blue. She has the cutest chubby cheeks and I can’t get enough of giving her kisses.
  • Still in 12 month clothes, but the jammies especially are starting to get a bit snug. I pulled out the 18 month clothes the other day and washed them, so now I have to do the dreaded task of rearranging all the clothes and putting the 6 and 9 month clothes that are still in her closet into storage.

  • No doctor’s visits this month, but we did have an ER visit. The scariest moment of my life happened when I turned away for half a second and she had one of Abbie’s legos in her mouth. After some initial coughing and choking (during which Chris called 911), we’re pretty sure she swallowed it. I was trying to sweep it out of her mouth and suddenly it was gone – and I panicked. Worst 10 seconds of my entire life. The parametics took a lot and thought she was okay, but that it might be a good idea to take her in to rule out any infections… so I did. After a few x-rays she was cleared – they didn’t see anything suspicious – and she’s been her normal self since. It was so scary and I’m so thankful she was okay.
  • As of today, we’re at 10 months of breastfeeding and my supply is rapidly declining. I’ve said in the past that I would be okay with it ending whenever it happened… but now that I’m SO CLOSE to a year I’m doing everything I can to keep up. I’m on about 3 different supplements, am using oils, pumping more… and I’m getting about 6-7 ounces a day at work. She’s drinking anywhere from 10-12, so my freezer stash is rapidly depleting. It’s really hard to think about not making it and it’s so hard for people who haven’t been through it to understand. I know that if I didn’t have to work, we would make it without a problem… but such is life. We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

  • Ella basically eats everything we eat now – just finishing up the purees we have and I’m not buying any more. I knew she wouldn’t be on purees for very long, so I opted to buy them rather than make them, and I’m so glad I did. Now I don’t have a whole bunch of unused baby food in my freezer! Ella loves food, with chicken, crunchies, and pancakes topping the list. She is constantly reaching for our food and I know I will not have the picky eater problems with her that I do with Abbie!
  • Still sleeping through the night with two naps a day for the most part. She goes down for the night between 7:45 and 8:15 and usually sleeps until 6am or so.

  • We finally got a tooth this month! Her first bottom tooth popped through the gums about a week ago but is being slow to push up. The other bottom one is ALMOST through the gums, and Chris swears the top ones are close as well, although it seems the same to me up there. I’m just thankful she hasn’t bit me while nursing yet (well, at least not with her tooth)!
  • There is no keeping this child on the ground. Crawling gets her where she wants to go (and she’s fast), but she’s constantly trying to stand. There have been times she’s let go by accident and stood for maybe half a second, but she’s still learning to balance. I will not be surprised if she’s walking by her next update.
  • In cloth diapers 95% of the time, or in disposables size 3.

  • She still doesn’t LOVE the car, but she did really well on our trip to New York and back. Moana songs are her favorite, as well as empty water bottles. Kids like the strangest things.
  • Still the biggest momma’s girl ever. If I’m out of sight, she’s fine, but if she sees me, she wants me. She also ADORES our daycare provider and there have been times she’s been crying to leave her when I pick her up. It would make me sad, but I just love that she loves being there so much.
  • Nicknames: Miss Ella, Ellabella, Miss Thing, Boo Boo

Life with Two:

Abbie is the best big sister – making Ella laugh, helping keep her awake in the car when we need it, giving her hugs and toys – I just can’t stand it sometimes. I’m so, so proud of Abbie for being such an amazing help to us and love watching her love on Ella. There are a few conflicts of course when Ella has taken her toys, but overall she just loves her and wants her to play all the time. These two are just the best.


My baby hairs are finally growing out it seems (thank you vitamins) and I’m really trying to make progress on all this weight I want to lose. I’ll get there, but this sweet baby girl has been so worth it.

Happy ten months, sweet Ella! We love you!

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About Jess

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