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As a second time mom, you tend to think you know exactly what you need. You’ve been around the block before, right? Eat, play, sleep, change diapers. Babies always need the same basic things, but you know what the biggest difference between one and two was? The baby gear changes!

When I had Abbie, I registered and purchased all the typical must-haves at the time. While a lot of those are things I’m using again, so many new products have come out, and I got to work with Babbleboxx to try them out and show them off to you guys!

First up, the Fisher Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with SmartConnect. So many people I know have raved about the Rock ‘n’ Play. I had the original one with Abbie, but this one is a game changer! It has the same portability and incline as always, but now comes with hands-free rocking, light show projection, vibrations, and songs. It has an easy to use control panel on the side, but can also be controlled with the SmartConnect app. I know a lot of moms that use these at night for the first few months before transferring to a crib, but for me it’s been so helpful to calm Ella while I’m cooking dinner. I can set her up in the kitchen with me and let her hang out while I’m cooking – it’s great because I can keep an eye on her and know she’s safe! It’s a must have for so many reasons – head here to grab yours!

Next up, skin care. My girls have sensitive skin, and I’m a big fan of the Mustela products. I received the Mustela Diaper Rash Cream 123, Hydra Bebe Body Lotion, and the Stretch Marks Recovery Serum. The diaper cream has been a lifesaver, and I love the Body Lotion on her – it isn’t overly scented and helps keep her skin soft. I just started using the Stretch Marks Recovery Serum and am loving it so far. While I’m okay with having stretch marks (after all, they did give me my babies), I’d love for them to be a bit less visible. I love Mustela products because they’re safe for moms and babies. They’re paraben, phthalate, and phenoxyethanol free and hypoallergenic so I know I can trust them. You can check out their products here and use code Babblebox17 to save 15% off sitewide through 2/11/17!

I also got several items from one of my favorite brands – Munchkin. We are actually already huge fans of the Munchkin Latch bottle, so I was thrilled to receive both that and the Shine Stainless Steel Bottle Brush. We’ve been using the Latch bottle with Ella since we started practicing with bottles for daycare, and she’s had no issues taking them! I love the bottle brush too – it’s so helpful that the brush head is replaceable so you don’t have to buy a whole new brush.

We also got two of the Miracle Stainless Steel 360 Sippy Cups…. and I might just keep them for myself! You can ask my husband – I’m constantly spilling my water cup (seriously, he gets so mad) and these are completely spillproof. I love that they teach kids how to drink from a regular cup without the mess, and they only have two pieces! The stainless steel keeps your drinks nice and cold too – like I said, I’m totally keeping them for myself!

Finally, we got the Step Diaper Pail, the perfect diaper pail for disposables. I love the neat, clean design and how it looks so at home in a nursery. It also has a built-in holder for an air freshener on the lid – genius. We’ve been using it since we got it, and I will be sad to put it away once we switch back to cloth!

Next up, a few products by Sesame Street Naturals for bath time: B is for Bubble Bath, Tip, Tummy & Toe 2-in-1, and Spray Me Lotion. I loved the packaging on these – they’re so fun! Since Ella isn’t using bubbles in her bath yet, big sister Abbie tested the bubble bath out… and let’s just say she loved it. I’ve already used the Tip Tummy & Toe Wash and Spray Me Lotion on Ella and the foam and spray just make it so easy to get my wiggly girl clean and soft. Head here to check them out and get $4 off when you purchase 2!

Finally, one last thing for me – Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream. You guys, this dry winter (and my postpartum hormones) have done a number on my skin and I am needing way more moisture than normal. I love this stuff! It smells amazing, disappears right into my skin, and keeps all the hydration I need in. It’s oil and paraben free and perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin. I can’t recommend it enough! Head here to grab yours – use code BABBLE to get 20% off and free U.S. ground shipping through 3/31/16.

It’s really amazing how many new things have come out since I had Abbie in 2012. Thanks to Babbleboxx for letting me try them out!

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These products are must haves for you and your new baby! The best new products from top brands like Fisher Price, Mustela, Sesame Street, Munchkin, and Vichy!

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