Ella: Three Months

Well, here we are at Ella’s three month update! This is one of my favorite ages – she’s getting so much more interactive and really giving us lots of smiles and giggles. I’ve got one week of maternity leave left and I’m going to soak in all her sweetness this week. Here’s an Ella update!

Ella at three months:

  • Weight – no doctor’s appointment this month, but I did the old step on the scale without her and then with her trick, and I think she’s about 12 ½ pounds.
  • No idea on length – we’ll know next month!
  • Eyes are still blue and hair is still brown, although it does seem a little bit lighter brown.
  • She’s officially in all 3-6 month and 6 month clothes. Her sleepers and onesies fit well, but the pants are a little big still. Her feet are now finally big enough for her size 0 moccasins – girlfriend has tiny little feet!
  • The discharge from her eyes has gotten a little better, but we’re still just keeping an eye on it.

  • She is still the best nurser ever. She nurses about 7-8 times a day, for about 30 minutes total each time. I think she loves the snuggles just as much as the milk.
  • Ella caught her first cold this past week – Abbie brought it home, passed it to me, then Chris, then Ella. I hate when they get colds this little because you can’t do anything about it! Thank goodness for the NoseFrida (which she hates), but I am ready for this congestion to go away.
  • She’s still a great sleeper, even with some disruption from her cold. Goes down at about 7:30 to 8:00 every night and usually sleeps 7-8 hours before waking, and has even slept 11 hours a few times! We’ve been working on getting on a nap schedule, and most days she takes a morning nap of about 1½-2 hours and an afternoon nap for 2-3 hours.
  • So many giggles nowadays, and she really recognizes all of us now and has the sweetest disposition unless she’s hungry or tired. No rolling ye, but she does hate tummy time a little less.
  • We’re still in disposable diapers for now (size 2) but should be in cloth next week!

  • Still loves the car seat and often falls asleep, although she takes a little bit longer to than she used to.
  • She likes the bath a bit better, but still hates getting out – not a fan of being cold!
  • Such a Momma’s girl still.
  • Nicknames: Miss Ella, Ellabear, Ellabella, Miss Thing

Life with Two:

Abbie just adores Ella and is so stinking excited for her to come to daycare with her – she’s counting down the days. Abbie’s also been acting out at us a bit again, but I think it’s just that she wants attention, especially from me. The other day I took her out with just me for a little while for errands and her attitude was 100% better in the afternoon.


Guys – I need to go back to work. Seriously. Maternity leave is really hard for me, health wise. I snack too much, get lazy with activity, and some days I don’t leave the house. I am so, so ready to head back to work and get back into a routine, although I’m not looking forward to the transition period. I’m still at about 10 pounds above prepregnancy weight, and it sounds weird, but I know going back to work is only going to help me with that. I’m a creature of routine and I need it back!

That’s three months with our Ella! Here’s hoping I can keep up with these as I head back to work!


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