Abbie: 5 Weeks!

Weight: Abbie had her one month checkup on Tuesday and is up to 9 pounds, 2 ounces! She’s also up to 22 inches, bringing her up 1 pound and 1 inch since birth. I’m a proud Mama!

Health: Great! Still has a little bit of baby acne, but I know it’ll go away. She also had her 2nd Hep B shot on Tuesday, so one more shot down! By the way, watching your happy baby burst into tears when she gets a shot is HEARTBREAKING! My poor little girl!

Sleep: Still having trouble with naps, but she’s starting to fall into her own routine. She’s usually down for the night around 9pm or so, and sleeps in varying increments, sometimes 3 hours, sometimes as much as 5 or 6 hours. She’s usually up for the day by around 8am, and has finally gotten into the habit of taking one long nap in the late morning/early afternoon and a shorter one in the evening…let’s hope it continues, because it’s been such a battle with her! Little girl doesn’t want to miss anything!

Social: More family visits this week, and Abbie helped celebrate her Daddy’s birthday for the first time!


Diet: About 90-95% breast milk and the rest formula. I’m starting to be more and more at peace with the little bit of formula, but I’m still working to get my supply up…the fenugreek really does make you smell like maple syrup!

Clothes: Abbie is starting to outgrow her newborn clothes! She’s mostly in 0-3 month clothes now. Near the end of the week, Abbie started to outgrow her newborn disposable diapers…as evidenced by 2 big blowouts and resulting in more laundry for Mommy! I did buy one box of size 1 disposables just in case, but we officially started cloth diapering this week! She seems so much more comfortable already and I’m loving how cute they look on her little butt! Luckily, Chris loves them too and is super-supportive of it.


Baby Gear Love: Still her playmat and her swing – we use her rock n’ play at my parents’ house and she’s used the bouncer more this week. When she gets a bottle, she isn’t that picky, but I try to stick with the Tommee Tippee bottles because of their wider shape.

Crying: She’s getting less fussy in the evenings, probably a result of her napping better! She now usually only cries when she needs something or wants to cuddle.

Likes: Playtime! She’s starting to be so much more alert and really follows me with her eyes when we’re playing, and we’re getting a few more smiles. She also likes being in her room – she usually calms down when we bring her into it! (I’ll be doing a nursery reveal soon – there were some things I had to finish up after she got here!)


Nicknames: Abbie, Abs, Abbiecakes

Postpartum: Feeling pretty good, and the hemorrhoids are getting much better. I go in for my postpartum appointment on Monday.

Milestones: Abbie hit one month this month! She also started rolling and smiling – I can’t wait until she does them more!


About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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