Abbie: 9 Months

Weight:  At her checkup on Friday, she weighted 19 pounds, 10 ounces, but that was an empty stomach and she had a bottle right afterward – I think she’s actually right about 20 pounds.


Health:  Just fighting a cold right now, otherwise all good.

Sleep:  I just read through last month’s – and what a change!  She’s doing amazing!  We sleep trained using the Ferber method last month, and it was the best thing we ever did.  She goes down about 8 pm and usually sleeps straight through until 6:30am.  She wakes up occasionally, but usually settles back down easily.  I kept a log as we did that I’ll be posting soon.  Naps are also a huge improvement.  Can I just say, I LOVE writing good things in this category?!?


Social:  Da-Da-Da ALL the time now.  It’s pretty adorable.

Diet:  Drinking 2-3 8 ounce bottles of formula during the day, plus her nightly bottle (usually 8 or 10 ounces, depending on how she ate during the day).  She has breakfast at home before daycare – usually cheerios and half a banana.  Lunch is usually fruit and full-fat greek yogurt.  Dinner is a puree plus some of whatever we’re having.


Clothes:  Mostly 12 month clothes, but a few 9 month things still fit.

Baby Gear Love:  Everything she can get her hands on – her toys, paper, trash, the cats….Oh, you mean actual baby things?


Crying:  She’s a little too much like mommy sometimes – crying when she doesn’t get her way, when she bumps herself, when we take something away…and then of course stops once she’s distracted.

Likes:  Crawling, standing, cruising, the stairs, the cats


Nicknames: Abs, Bug, Buggie Bug

Postpartum:  Doing great other than the weight loss stalling.

Milestones:  Going up the stairs, pulling up on everything, going to 3 meals a day



I can’t believe you’re already 9 months old!  This month has been so fun, but so tiring keeping up with all your energy!  All you want to do is go, go, go – and you won’t let anyone stand in your way.  You are one determined little girl, and I have a feeling keeping up with you is only going to get more tiring!  You had huge strides in your sleeping this month, and Momma is so proud of you.  I can’t wait to see what this month brings (hopefully some teeth) and just love seeing you grow up into a little lady.  I love you with all my heart, Buggie Bug.




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4 Responses

  1. She is adorable! I just love how blonde her hair is! Also, we sleep trained our Abbi around 9 months using the Ferber method too! It is awesome and made all the difference! So glad it worked for you too!

  2. What a sweetie– I think orange is her color! 😉 Okay, maybe it’s just my favorite but Abbie is rockin it!!

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