February Funk

It’s been kind of a weird week, and honestly, it’s put me in a little bit of a funk. Nothing major, but just things have been bugging me. You ever get like that? I’ve been kind of over everything this week and just craving some rest, but life certainly doesn’t stop just because you need a breather.

I don’t really know what it is, but it could certainly be the weather. It’s been crazy cold. Today’s high will be 18 and I believe it was around 5 when I left for work this morning. I know there are people that deal with worse, but it’s just a lot to take.

Tysons Corner Weather

Because it’s been that cold, the pipes froze in our master bathroom on Sunday. Thankfully we were able to warm the house and room up enough that it thawed and has seemed fine since, but it’s just one more thing to think of in the back of my mind. Also? The toilet is now running in the same bathroom and I had to cut the water off to it until we figure that out. I’m hoping it’s just an easy fix like replacing the flap, but it just seems like one thing after another lately. Next month’s water bill should be interesting – I’m hoping it didn’t waste too much water in the one workday it was running!

As always, I stress about money all the time. We’re doing ok, but still far from where I’d like us to be financially. Replacing the dryer last month was a bit of a hit to us, so I’m definitely going to be trying to be more careful about our spending for the next month to make up for it. I dream of the day that stuff like that doesn’t seem like a big deal. Debt sucks.

We got hit by some snow on Monday night. Not enough to keep us home for days, but Abbie and I did get a snow day on Tuesday. Thankfully they’ve gotten better about plowing lately and it was back to business as usual Wednesday. I know I should’ve enjoyed being home on Tuesday more than I did, but the truth is I was going stir crazy. Winter with a toddler is brutal. I just want to be able to let her go outside and play, and we’re still a while away from doing that. We went to a birthday party on Saturday with tons of bouncy houses, and it was so nice to just let her be a kid. I wish we could go to those all the time.

Abbie Bounce House

Speaking of Abbie, I worry some about her speech. She talks, but nowhere near the amount I see other kids her age talking. I don’t know if it’s just her nature, or if she isn’t being stimulated enough, or if something could be wrong. My gut tells me that she’s just taking her time, but it’s so frustrating. I really want to be able to understand her better, and honestly, it’s hard to see videos of other kids her age (or younger) talking when their parents post them on Facebook and stuff. I know I shouldn’t compare, but I can’t help it. Why are they talking so much and Abbie isn’t? She has been talking more and more in the last 2 months or so, so I’m hoping some big explosion of words is coming. She definitely understands us and can follow directions, so I’m not worried about her cognitive skills. It’s just hard. What’s even harder is when people try to brush off my concerns or say things like “oh, once they start, they don’t stop!” What they don’t get is that I want that – I want her to be talking that much. I’d take that any day over waiting and worrying something’s wrong.


I wouldn’t change my decision to work, but I often wonder what our lives would be like if I didn’t have to. Would Abbie be talking more? Would she be showing an interest in potty training? Would we be on kid number two sooner? I don’t know, and it’s impossible to know. We can only make the best choices we can with the situation in front of us, right?

Finally, after weeks of being on a roll with watching what I’m eating and working out, I’ve hit a bump. I went up a pound last week, and it kind of took some of the steam out of my engine. Losing weight is HARD. It’s always going to be hard. It’s a choice you have to make over and over and over again, with every bite that goes in your mouth and every step you take. It’s been harder this week than the past few. I’m hoping it’s just a phase, that I just wore myself out some, and that some rest will get me back to it. I can’t go at 100% all the time – sometimes your body just needs a break.

 How’s your week been?

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12 Responses

  1. I feel you about being in a funk. It’s been really cold here also so no going outside. I work also so I get limited amount of time with my toddler who is 2. I also worry about his talking. He doesn’t say the normal words that kids are suppose to say at his age but he will say words that are so random. I’ll get so excited when he says a word but then he’ll never say it again. It makes no sense. One reason I’m in a funk is because I’m stuck at work until 7 pm tonight and then due to the weather we may or may not be coming tomorrow. I hate the “what if?”. Plus, I haven’t gotten accomplished nearly as many of my February goals as I did in January. Just blah!

    1. Ugh. The no outside thing is seriously the worst.

      I don’t know if it would help you, but I just started making a list in my phone of all the words Abbie does say, and every time I hear a new one I add it to the list. Definitely seems to be growing and she knows more words than I thought she did.

  2. Sending you some big ole hugs and tons of encouragement! I know I’m not a mom yet, but a lot of what you said reminded me of my niece and sister. My niece is just a few months younger than Abbie but hadn’t been talking really at all. They started taking her to a fun speech place once a week and just a few weeks in there has been a ton of improvement! My sister was feeling really frustrated too that she couldn’t communicate with her, so I know it’s tough. Hang in there! 🙂 🙂 You are doing a great job!!

    1. Thank you my dear! Is the place your niece goes a chain or kind of a local place? I’d love to find something similar to take Abbie to!

  3. Have you talked to your pediatrician about your concerns? I’m not sure how it works in VA, but in Texas most families will qualify for FREE early intervention speech therapy until they are 3 if it’s identified by a pediatrician. If you can get it for free or cheap, there would be no harm in doing it. I’ve heard kids tend to enjoy it at this age, since it’s pretty much educational play. The good news is that it doesn’t sound like its a problem with her hearing!

    1. I haven’t yet… when we went for her 2 year checkup they said she was fine, and we still haven’t switched pediatricians to one closer to where we moved. Gotta get on that. They do the free early testing here too – that’s how my mom had my sister diagnosed. Probably going to work on finding the new pedi first so I can ask them. Why aren’t there more hours in a day???

  4. Mac and I loosely follow Dave Ramsey’s debt-free teachings. His class is called Financial Peace University and is offered at mostly places of worship. It’s helped us build savings and pay down a decent portion of my student loan debt. And, from experience, a toilet running for one day won’t be too much of an increase on your bill.

    1. I’ve heard a lot about him – probably should read something of his.

      And yes, I know I’m a crazy person about the toilet. One day isn’t a big deal since I cut it off, but everything just seemed a bigger deal that day because I felt yucky. Ugh.

  5. I feel you. I was in a FOUL mood today after I had to get on the phone with MetLife today. The way I started to feel better was that I hopped on the elliptical and elliptical-jogged for 20 minutes, then taught a toning class for an additional 45. Feeling much better, and looking to attack tomorrow with a better attitude.

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