Letter to and Predictions of Abbie at 18

Today I’m linking up with Sarah and Holly.  They had a great idea to write a letter to your kids, and predict what they’d be like in the future.


So without further fanfare, here goes:

Dear Abbie/Buggy Bug/whatever nickname I’m calling you in the future,

As I’m writing this, you’ll be 9 months old this Saturday.  It is at once impossible to me that you’re getting so big, and yet still seem like you have so much more growing to do.  You make me smile every day, even when you’re driving me crazy by doing things like not sleeping at night, knocking everything over, and pulling my hair…pretty sure your 18-year-old self won’t be doing those things…unless you got the clumsy gene from me.  Then you’ll probably still be knocking things over!

It’s so hard to think what you’ll be like 18 days from now, let alone 18 years from now, but I’ll give it a try.

Food Preferences: If you’re like me, you’ll eat pretty much anything (except capers…gross).  If you’re like Daddy…well, you’ll really love Pringles, goldfish, and anything Italian.  I hope you’re an adventurous eater, but I also hope you love healthy things as well as the not-so-healthy chocolate chip cookies I know you’ll bake with me.

Studying/Profession:  It’s really too soon to tell what you’ll love, but know that Daddy and I will support you, whatever it is…although I really hope at 18 you’ll be accepted early admission into Virginia Tech and following in my footsteps!

(We start the Hokie love from birth in our house)

Children:  I seriously hope you don’t have any children at 18.  You better not!  I do, however, hope that you want them in your future and that you have at least one brother/sister to run around and cause trouble with.

Sports:  This is one where I want you to take after Daddy.  He played sports throughout growing up, where I did not.  I hope you find one you love and stick with it for as long as it makes you happy, and one that helps you live a healthy lifestyle.

Settle Down:  If you’re anything like me and Daddy, you’ll be a late bloomer.  At 18, I hope you have an idea of what you want in a future partner, and that Daddy and I continue to be an example for you.  I hope you understand that trust and respect are so important in relationships.  Just don’t bring up every boy you like to Daddy.  He might decide to get a gun or dress you in a burlap sack so he can keep you at home forever.

Tattoos/Piercings:  I hope it’s just your ears (which we still haven’t gotten done and I meant to MONTHS ago).  If you decide to get a tattoo, please get it somewhere that won’t show when you start going for job interviews…and make sure you go to a reputable place.  I’m sure your Uncle Greg knows a few.

Personality:  Right now, you are one DETERMINED little girl.  When you want something, nothing stands in your way – you climb right over us to get the toys you want, chase the cats around the room, and get angry when we take your spoon away at dinnertime.  I hope you keep that determination and it helps you earn the things you want in life.  I hope you continue to be as happy as you are now when you see us (although, I know there will come a point in your teenage years that you want nothing to do with us).  You are funny, and sweet, and so smart, with so much to offer the world.  I can’t wait to see what you’ll be like.

Dogs/Cats:  Hopefully you’ll love both.  You love our cats and are always grabbing at them, and Beamer became your best friend at Nichole’s wedding.  You also have a playmate for life in Uncle Doug and Aunt Erica’s dog Jake.

Republican/Democrat:  Honestly, this doesn’t matter to me at all.  I just hope you have good reason to believe whatever it is you do.  At 18, it’s your decision how you vote, not ours.

Grades:  I hope you get Daddy’s work ethic in school.  He takes education seriously and takes pride in his knowledge.  I hope you get my test-taking ability – Daddy tends to be nervous about them, and I rarely was.  If you get a combination of us, you’ll be just fine.

Height/Weight at 18:  I hope you got some of Daddy’s height, but not too much.  I hope you’re taller than my 5’4” (on a good day) but not as tall as Daddy – I hear being a really tall girl is difficult (not that I would have any idea).  I’m not going to hazard a guess at your weight but I hope that you’re healthy.  I hope you don’t struggle with it the way I have, and I hope your only trips to Weight Watchers are because I had to drag you with me.  It’s so important to be healthy, and I hope you learn to balance things and learn from my experiences.

Love you little one!

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About Jess

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  1. Thanks for linking up Jess! We call Drew “buggy bug” too!! Or anything similar: bugster, buggaboo, etc. 🙂

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