Recap: Abbie’s Birthday Party

First of all, I want to thank everyone who left me a comment on my first post about Abbie’s party – I was really having a hard time with everything, and you all helped so much.  Now, I’d like to recap the party as it happened – we made the best of it we could, and I know you all want to see Abbie covered in cake right?

Decor and Food:


All the coordinates for the party were designed by Becca Lee Paperie to match our invitations, and I LOVED how they turned out.  She was great to work with – responsive and really fast.  Her shop is running a holiday special right now too – 20% off an entire order with the code HOLIDAY20 until 12/31/13.  She has all sorts of invitations, party coordinates and holiday items – definitely take a look!

Once people arrived, we ate (mac and cheese, sweet and sour meatballs, a hot cocoa bar, and cheese and crackers) and Abbie played with her friend Justin, then opened her presents!

Headband didn’t last long on her! 

Abbie’s outfit was one of my favorite things to find – I wanted something celebratory, but not too fussy – my little girl likes to move around!  Her pants are Rufflebutts, her shirt is from West Point Stitches, and her headband (that lasted maybe 2 minutes so I could take pictures) is from Ellegantly Ellie.

Abbie adores her stroller from her Aunt Erica and Uncle Doug, and already is learning to take the pieces out of her puzzles – I guess we’ll work on putting them together as she gets older!  I love them and was so excited to see her open them.  Sometimes mommies like toys just as much as little ones.

After that, we did her cake smash.  There were too many funny pictures not to share, so I put them together for you:

At the end of the party, Abbie and Justin played with her stroller some more…until Justin wanted it all to himself.  His mom made him hug Abbie to apologize…and she pushed him away.  Silly girl.

So, that was Abbie’s party!  Not how I expected, but she had fun and that’s what matters right?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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14 Responses

  1. “Melted snowflakes” for water is just about the cutest thing EVER! I love everything about her party! I need to get myself one of those headbands, because it’s adorable. Did you make the cake and cupcakes (I think I remember reading that you did?), because they looked great!

  2. She looks like she had a blast!! I love the snowflake theme for the party, and I love how it all matched. Great work 🙂

  3. It all still looks BEAUTIFUL and she looks like she loved it, that is what matters 🙂 I love her outfit, the headband… the cake, the cake pictures, all of it!!!

  4. Her cake and cupcakes are really cute!! Sorry that the weather interfered with your plans–I live in a place with really not-good winters, and I’ve had that happen more than once! But I’m glad that the party still was fun for her even if it didn’t turn out the way you expected!

  5. My Abigail had a purple party for her 3rd birthday last month! Yours turned out super cute!! 🙂

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