Back to School with a Berry Basil Smash

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We are officially finishing up week two of kindergarten around here, and it’s been the best two weeks. Abbie comes home excited about her day, tells us funny stories (like the time she had three breakfasts one morning), and beings home all kinds of papers and projects. Ella, on the other hand, is just excited to see her sister at the end of the day, and they are really developing more of a sisterly relationship every day.


In other words, it’s a pretty sweet time in our lives as a family. We have some time until both kids are in school (another 4 years!), but back to school time has always been one of my favorite seasons. I love celebrating the new routines and bringing a sense of order to our lives. It’s definitely something to celebrate that deserves a sweet treat.

Since I’m really trying hard to be mindful of the food and drinks I have in the house, I’ve recently become obsessed with sparkling water. I’ve tried countless brands and definitely have a few favorites. While I love them on their own, I have been trying make them a bit “fancier” as Abbie would say (she loves Fancy Nancy right now). Doing that is exactly how I ended up with this recipe.

I started with Sparkling Ice in Black Raspberry. I tend to love the berry flavors of sparkling water best, so clearly, I was going to start there. I added a few fresh berries and some herbs, and I had a treat for myself!

Sparkling Ice is a new addition to my sparkling water rotation, and I am loving it. It really fits into my lifestyle nowadays since each bottle has zero calories, zero sugar, and they contain naturally sourced colors and flavors. It makes it a no-guilt treat!

My recipe below is a mocktail, but you can easily turn it into a cocktail by adding your favorite rum or vodka!

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Raspberry Strawberry Smash



Yield 2 drinks


1 bottle Black Raspberry Sparkling Ice

2 raspberries

4 strawberries, hulled and chopped

2-4 Basil Leaves


Evenly distribute the basil leaves and berries between two wine glasses.

Smash the berries and herbs together using a muddler or a spoon.

Top with a little crushed ice, then pour in Black Raspberry Sparkling Ice, distributing evenly between the two glasses.

Add a straw and a drink umbrella if you have it handy, and enjoy!

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I love this fun, flavorful smash and can’t wait to dream up some new combinations! If you’d like to make your own, you can pick it up at your local retail store or grab every flavor on Amazon here! There are 16 flavors to try, and I think I’ll be picking up the Ginger Lime next!

Let me know your favorite combinations below, and be sure to pin this recipe for later!

#AD This Berry-Basil Smash is the perfect low calorie treat! Personalize your flavor combinations, have it as a mocktail or cocktail, and enjoy! Easy and delicious! #SparklingIce #Sparklingwater #mocktail #cocktail

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