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It took a long time this year, but the cold weather is finally here in Virginia and I’m loving cozying up with my family on the weekends. We finally furnished our basement (after living here over 3 years), so we’ve been spending lots of time down there as a family – watching movies, playing, and just enjoying each others’ company.

I know so many people don’t like the cold weather, but one of my favorite things about it is how it makes you stay in and spend time with the ones you love most. Of course, it helps to have a few things on hand to make it a bit more comfortable, and I’m loving the things we received in our most recent Babbleboxx. So many great products you need in your life for the cold weather months!

First, the Zippo Mini Flex Candle Lighter. I have to confess, I usually can never ever find a lighter when I want to light a candle, and this one came my way just in time. I love the design of this and how easy it is to use for adults – but how kid-proof it is! There’s no way Abbie could accidentally light this lighter, so while I do keep it out of the girls’ reach, I know it’s safe to have around them. The flexible neck is my second favorite feature – no more holding candles at funny angles to get them lit – just adjust the neck on the Zippo as needed! I know this will be the go-to lighter in my house from now on, especially since it’s refillable! You can head here to grab one for yourself!

Speaking of candles, I am loving this one from Chesapeake Bay Candle’s Mind & Body Collection, and I’ve pretty much had it lit almost every day since I got it (seriously, it’s getting low and I need another one)! I love that the fragrance is long-lasting but not overpowering. It’s also a 3-wick candle, which I find burn more evenly than other candles I’ve tried – I’m always looking for candles with more than one wick for exactly that reason! I have the balance and harmony blend, but I know I’ll be buying up more of the collection when this one is done! As an added bonus, I also happen to live fairly close to the Chesapeake Bay and their headquarters, so I love supporting a local business! I’ve got my eye on the joy and laughter blend next! Head here to see their entire collection, or here for the Mind & Body collection.

Once I’ve got that candle going and the girls are playing, I love curling up with a book in the cold months. I’ve really been trying to get back into reading, so I’m excited to start the book Links by Lisa Becker. I am new to the world of romance novels, but I love any book I can get lost in, and what better than one about second chances? As a fellow “ugly duckling” in high school, I’m excited to see Charlotte have a completely different love experience later in life! Head here to get your copy!

So I’ve got a candle going, a good book – now I need a cup of tea. I drink so much more tea in the fall and winter than the warmer months – I just love how it completely warms you from the inside out. I am loving the Warming Joy Collection of teas from Tea Forte and their amazing holiday flavors (the Spiced Ginger Plum was my favorite). The pyramid infusers make sure you get the best flavor concentration in your tea – no worrying about it not being strong enough! Obviously, I kept this for myself, but I think this would make an amazing gift for the tea lover in your life – you can save 20% on your Tea Forte order with code WJ20 through 12/31/17, so head here and get your gifts in now… and make sure you snag a few for yourself!

Of course, there are always a few downsides to the cold weather – with it comes cold and flu season, so I always make sure to do everything I can to fight it! I’m loving these Zoganic supplements this year, and that there are so many different ones to help with your specific needs. I just add these to my water and I love that they help me with everything from maintaining healthy blood pressure, bowel health, eyesight, and my immune system. These vitamin supplements are so easy to use – head here to find out more about them and where to grab them for yourself!

However, I know that no matter what I do, chances are that at least one member of my household will end up with a stuffy nose this season (and it’s usually me). This year I’m armed with these Stuffy Nose Strips that are completely different that the traditional over the nose strips. They give drug-free relief of nasal congestion and open your airways over 61% versus the traditional ones that only open them 30%. Make sure you’re ready – head here to grab them and use code XECX9243 for 25% off!

I’m so looking forward to the cold weather months of snuggling with my family, and I know I’ve got all the comfort I’ll need in these products this year! Have you tried any of these?

#AD #ColdComfortsBBxx Are you looking forward to the cold weather that's already on its way? It's already getting cold here in Virginia, and I got a chance to try out some of the best products for the season - you need these in your life for a cozy fall and winter!
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