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One of my favorite things that Abbie started doing recently is handing me a book, then climbing into my lap.  It’s the sweetest thing and IMPOSSIBLE to resist – especially as someone that’s always loved to read.  She loves all her books, but there are definitely some she grabs more than others – here are her current favorites!

(disclosure – these are affiliate links, but I wouldn’t recommend these if they weren’t honestly her favorites!)

Charley Harper 123s: Skinny Edition – We got this in one of Abbie’s Citrus Lane boxes a while back and she adores it.  It’s a cute book, going through 1-10 with pictures of different animals.

Ten Little Ladybugs – I picked this up at the consignment sale I went to the other week and she LOVES this one.  The ladybugs are three dimensional, and she likes to touch them and put her fingers through the cutouts.

Eight Silly Monkeys – This one’s the same kind of idea as the ladybug one, but with monkeys jumping on the bed instead.  I grabbed this one from the consignment sale too!

How Do I Love You? – As you see below, we have a lot of books from this author.  They’re sweet, rhyme, and while they’re board books, they’re a little thinner than typical, and its easier for Abbie to turn the pages.

Goodnight, I Love You – Another one from the same author, about getting ready for bed.

I Love You Through And Through – Yet another!  I LOVE the illustrations in these books!

Ten Tiny Toes – This was our most recent find from her.  Plus, the bear is adorable.

Moo Baa La La La – Abbie loves this book so much I can recite it from memory.  Sandra Boynton is awesome.

Blue Hat, Green Hat (Boynton on Board) – Yet another Sandra Boynton…this one makes me laugh.

Goodnight Moon – The classic.  I’m so glad Abbie loves this since it’s one of my favorites too!

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About Jess

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23 Responses

    1. Abbie tries to prolong bedtime with books already. At first it was one, then two…and I have a feeling it’ll just keep going up!

  1. Both of my kids LOVE the Sandra Boynton books – Nora’s faves are the Little Pookie series – she knows the two books we have by heart now.

  2. Great books! Mac is finally starting to get into books with a bit more of a story, thank goodness. We’ve been reading The Kissing Hand and Where the Wild Things Are. He also really likes the silliness of some of the Dr. Suess books (Hand Hand Finger Thumb, Go Dogs Go, Inside Outside Upside down). Plus, we’ve got our “boy” favorites like Goodnight Construction Site, Yummy Yucky and Smash Crash There Goes the Trash.

    1. Oh I can’t want for the ones with more of a story. We have the Little House book (can’t remember the exact title) – the one where the house is in the country and they build the city around it – and it’s one of my favorites. Abbie makes it through exactly 3 pages…if I’m lucky. Hopefully she’ll like story ones soon…and then I’ll have girly recommendations for you for that sweet girl that’s on the way!

  3. You’ve got some great books listed there! We are fans of Goodnight Moon! It was a huge hit in our house for a very long time!

    1. Hahaha, NO, not at all.

      I already have Harry Potter and the Little House on the Prairie series waiting for Abbie to be old enough for them!

  4. These are all great choices. Another one that I would add is any of the Pete the Cat books. Watch the video first on YouTube before you read them to your little one so you can get the “song” down. All kids love them!

  5. My daughter LOVES reading too! Every afternoon when I get off she brings me one, or a million, books to read to her. We have a lot of these books too. She especially loves Pat the Bunny or any book she can touch and feel.

    1. Abbie isn’t big on the touch and feel books, but we haven’t tried in a while. May need to try them again. And isn’t it the cutest when they bring you a book??

  6. We have “How do I love you” and “Goodnight Moon” and they are on our favorite list as well! My niece has curly blonde hair, so my little thinks that it’s his cousin every time we read “How do I love you!” So adorable! 🙂

    1. So cute! Since Abbie’s blonde, I wonder if she’ll think it’s her when she’s older!

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