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If you’ve been reading here for any length of time at all, you know that fall is my favorite season. Then again, most young moms would likely say the same. There’s something about it – the leaves changing, school back in session, and the air finally cooling off that just changes your perspective on things. So many people crave new things when the calendar hits January 1, but for me? That all happens in the fall.

This fall, I got the opportunity to try a few new things from my friends over at BabbleBoxx to give me a bit of a fresh start on the outside. I love that the changing of the seasons gives me an opportunity to try new things to go along with it!

I have been searching for a pair of comfortable, go-with-the-flow sneakers for a while now. I’ve tried on countless pairs and not liked any of them. But these Zane sneakers from Earth Shoes check all of the boxes on my list. First, they’re incredibly comfortable. As I’ve gotten older, comfort in shoes has gotten way more important to me, and these are so supportive since they’ve got reinforced arch support and memory foam.

In addition to them being comfortable, I just love the style of these – comfortable with a little bit of something different. The zipper is my favorite part! This is my first pair of shoes from Earth Shoes, but it certainly won’t be my last. You can check out the pair I got here and also learn more about the brand and their mission (did you know they plant a tree for every purchase?)

Next up, let’s talk a little bit about shapewear. So many of us have holiday parties coming up, and while I’m a big believer in finding styles that work with your body, I also know that I feel a little better about myself when things are smoothed out so my clothes lay nicely. However, as a woman with a larger than average bra size, it’s hard to find all in one shapewear pieces that fit my body. This one from Maidenform, however – is perfect, since it’s one you can wear with your own bra!

I would show you a photo of it on me… but that’s a bit awkward to share on the internet, so instead I’ll have to tell you about it. You know how some shapers tend to pinch you, or move around, or cling to all your clothes? This one doesn’t do any of those things! It’s comfortable, breathable, and lightweight enough I could wear it under pretty much anything. I also love the hook and eye closure at the bottom – makes it so much easier to wear during the day! You can head here to find out more about it, and to check out the options that would work for you!

Next up is a bit of personal care, since you want to be sure to take care of yourself this season too! I received the Summer’s Eve Lavender and Chamomile Cleansing Wash as well as the Coconut Water Cleansing Cloths. To be honest with you, I had never used either before now, but am so impressed with both products! I love that they are gentle on your skin and don’t mess with your body’s natural pH balance. The Cleansing Cloths are especially great, since they’re so portable! How many times have you felt that you just needs to clean up a bit while on the go? I know these will be a staple in my purse going forward, so make sure you head here to find out more and see where you can find them near you!

Finally, my eyes need a bit of attention. Where are my fellow contact lens wearers? I have been wearing contacts since I was 16 years old (after begging my mom for them starting at about 10). That’s nearly 20 years of wearing contacts, which is just insane to me. I’ve typically worn monthly contacts in the past, but always wondered about wearing dailies instead. You know that feeling when you’re not quite at the end of the month but desperately feel like your contacts are just not clean enough and you want a new pair? Let’s just say I’ve had to do that more than once.

So when the Aveo contacts were sent in my BabbleBoxx, I was so excited to try them. Excited, and nervous, since I’m so used to my routine of monthlies. I finally took the leap to try them, and I can’t even believe the difference in how easy it was. For one, I got a new pair of contacts EVERY SINGLE DAY, and it was amazing to know I had a fresh pair waiting for me in the morning. I read up a bit more on Aveo, and this concept is just genius. You know when you go to the eye doctor, they examine you, and you can pick either glasses or contacts since most insurance plans only cover one? Then there’s always some rebate to mail back that you inevitably forget about until it’s expired? Yep, totally me. Aveo makes that whole process easier. They can use your current prescription or help you get a new one, and deliver your contacts to your door for less than $1 a day (plus the first month is free). So much easier than the whole rigamarole of getting them through your eye doctor – and then you can actually use your allowance toward glasses so you get both! The folks over at Aveo are just genius and I think they’ve got a customer for life in me. Head here to find out more about them!

What do you like to grab when the seasons change? What constitutes a new start for you? Let me know and be sure to pin the image below!

#AD What's been catching your eye for fall? I got the chance to sample a few new-to-me products, and I love that I've incorporated them into my life this season! Check out my review on the blog! #TakeMakeBoxx

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