Keeping My Cool in the Summer

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I know I’m not alone when recognizing that summer as a mom isn’t always the glory days so many of us thought of as kids. To be fair, summer wasn’t my favorite as a kid, either! Summer here in Virginia comes with hot, humid days, summer thunderstorms, and tons of sunscreen. It’s not always easy to keep your cool in the summer – both physically and mentally!

So if you’re trying to figure out how the heck you’re going to get through this crazy summer with your kids – I’m telling you, you are not alone. They may be small things, but here are just a few ways to keep your cool in the summer!

  • Recognize the challenges that changes in routine can bring. For many families, summer brings lazy days with no plans, but for families with two working parents (like ours), the changes are much more subtle. It is true without a doubt for my kids that they thrive on routine. They love the predictability of knowing what to expect each day, and it gives them a sense of security. If you do have lazy summer days, try to establish a little bit of a loose routine. It helps everyone know what to expect!
  • Find something small that makes you feel good. It could be anything – a new cookbook, a lipstick you love, a song that makes you want to dance, meditation, or even just a few minutes of quiet. Find the same things for your kids and make sure they take advantage of theirs too. Do as much of these things as possible and include your family – that happiness is contagious!
  • Have things handy that literally cool you down. In the summer I always have a few things with me – water, lip balm (usually with a little mint in it), and deodorant. I get a little crazy about the deodorant – if you know anything about me, you know I HATE sweat. I get grossed out just thinking about it! I have been known to stash deodorant everywhere – the car, my office, my purse, the diaper bag – basically everywhere.

Lately, I’ve been using the new UltraClear Black+White Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant from Degree, and it’s been the perfect thing to throw in my bag. I love how easy it is to spray on when I need it – and that it dries almost instantly. No one wants to put wet deodorant on when they already feel gross, right? I love that it can go with anything I’m already wearing with no problems – from my dressier work clothes to my casual weekend clothes – since it helps prevent white marks on black clothes and yellow stains on white clothes.

I was able to grab mine at Walmart for a great price, and I made sure to use this offer when I picked it up, making the great Walmart price even better. Definitely an essential item for the summer.

  • Finally, remember that this is only a season. Someone told me once that everything is a season, and it couldn’t be more true. Is summer hard? Sometimes. But one day, you’ll look up and it’ll be nearly Thanksgiving and you’ll wonder where it went. Everything is a season, with great parts and challenging parts – and here’s to enjoying (at least parts of) each one.

How do you keep your cool in the summer?

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