How to Make the Most of your Fitbit

If you’ve been around here a while, you know I’m a big fan of my Fitbit. I’ve now had one for nearly two years (crazy, right?) and feel like I’ve learned a lot along the way. If you’re on the fence about getting one, just got one and aren’t sure what to do, or could just use a few tips, I’ve got them. I’ve really worked to make the most of my Fitbit and made it work for me, so I’m sharing my top tips!

How to make the most of your Fitbit - tips and tricks to help you reach your goals!


  1. Choose the right model for you. When I first got a Fitbit, I chose the Flex. At the time, it was the best option for me, but I then upgraded to the Charge, followed by the Charge 2. When you’re choosing which one you want, think about how you’ll use it. Do you want to wear it on your wrist or on your body? Do you want information about your sleep habits? Do you want to know things like how many stairs you’ve climbed, or your heart rate? How often do you think you’ll be able to charge it? ALL of these factors need to go into your decision – trust me, you’ll be much happier if you really think about it and do your research ahead of time! Definitely reach out to people for their opinions on the different models – it’ll help your decision!
  2. Start with a small goal. When I first started wearing my Fitbit, I just left the goal at the default 10,000 but didn’t pay much attention to it. For the first few weeks, I just kept an eye on what my average was, which ended up being about 7,500 steps per day… so that’s where I set my goal. Once I was consistently hitting my goal, I started slowly upping my goal until I got to the recommended 10K steps/day, and am now set higher than that. There’s something really motivating about hitting your goal for a while before upping it – it helps keep you positive!
  3. Be consistent. The overall goal of a Fitbit, or any active device, is to increase your daily activity. Rather than a big workout at the gym, it’s a tool to build activity into your everyday life. It’s much more effective to have a week of 7,000 step days than to have a 20,000 step day one day and 4,000 another. Consistency makes it a habit, which is why you got a Fitbit in the first place, right?
  4. Find Fitbit friends. If you’ve connected your Fitbit account with Facebook, it’s really easy to find friends that have Fitbit and make them your friends on Fitbit. You can also add people by their email address, or directly from a link to their profile. At this point, I’ve got a long list of people on there, and it’s cool (and motivating) to see where you stack up against the people you know.
  5. Do challenges. Fitbit has challenges built into the app – Goal Day, Weekend Warrior, Workweek Hustle, and Daily Showdown. I’ve done a TON of these challenges and they are so much fun – they give it a bit of competition and you can challenge different people for different things. I’ve got a group of blog friends (you ladies know who you are) that I have challenges with regularly, but I’ve also done challenges with work friends and sorority sisters. It’s a great way to push each other with a little friendly competition.
  6. Have fun! Fitbits are gadgets, and they’re meant to be fun. They should add to your life, not take away from it. If you’re stressing about it, you’re not doing it right!

Any other Fitbit tips I missed?

How to make the most of your Fitbit - tips and tricks to help you reach your goals!

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37 Responses

  1. Love this! And love my FitBit! I also love our challenges! Even though I’ve been stinkin’ it up lately, the friendly competition definitely helps me get off my booty! 🙂

    1. I have the same problem at the grocery store. When I am pushing my cart it doesn’t always count my steps. So . . . I started attaching my flex band to my shoe laces while I am shopping.

  2. These are awesome tips! I have the Charge HR and I love it, but I think the flex might have been a better option for me. I use a treadmill desk a lot and it doesn’t calculate my steps if I’m typing (since my wrist is stable, even when I’m walking.) So I agree, do your research! That said I LOVE my FitBit and I’ve been obsessed with it!

    1. Oh that’s cool you use a treadmill desk! Maybe the One would’ve been better for you since it’s not on your wrist? I’m obsessed with mine too!

    2. I wonder if you attached it to your able or show while at you’re desk if that would work

  3. I’m glad you posted about this. I enjoy my FitBit a lot but have DEFINITELY gotten lazy at work and not made time to get those steps in. Starting fresh this week and hoping to join in some fun challenges to keep me motivated! 🙂

  4. I am also a big fan of such wearable gears. Nowadays there are many gadgets are available in market, but you have shared great tips everyone should take care of these before buying fit bit. Thanks for these informative tips…

  5. Thanks for the info. I’ve had my charge for a couple of months and just started using the challenges. It’s a whole new layer of fun added to my routine! Let’s be buddies on Fitbit. 🙂

  6. I love my fitbit but have become pretty lazy about wearing it. I’d love to be fitbit buddies to get some motivation!

  7. I got mine for Xmas, and recently started a job with the postal service so it’s staggering to see how many steps I take in a day. I love it!!! I’d like to be friends on Fitbit!

  8. Check out the site “walking with attitude” compatable with fitbit and lots of fun, really motivational

  9. Great article. I’ve only just started wearing my Fitbit Surge HR and haven’t yet discovered the blogs and challenges yet. I’m happy to pair up with anyone for challenges, but I am very unfit at the moment. But it shouldn’t take too long before I’m able to compete with others.

    1. Oh there’s lots of different challenges so it doesn’t matter your fitness level! One of the best ones is “goal day” where you all just try to meet your personal goal, whatever it is. It does it in percentage so it works for any goal! Try it out!

  10. I started using the Flex this summer. I recently upgraded to the HRCharge. With my thyriod issues, it’s important to monitor my heart rate. This new one takes some getting used to. I like it though. I teach school, so I’ve usually met my10k goal shortly after lunch. I also work out at a gym. My phone want to switch to drivemode constantly !!!!

  11. Love mine. Have set alarms for during the day as a reminder to get up and go for a walk, very helpful when you have a desk job!

  12. I have one too and forget to always wear it or charge it, this week I have been wearing it again but my stats have been lower =/

  13. Hello ladies

    I’m Cindy Garcia I’m 26yrs 214lbs I got a Fitbit charge HR I’m pretty happy about it already lost 5 lbs it’s a goal and super hard but all you can do is challenge each other’s it’s really amazing how people can jump in an push you to work hard I HATE STAIRS I did 100 floors In a day at work legs killed me but cause the help of friends an family anyone Can Do It 🙂

    So if anyone would like add me

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