Perfect Spring Gifts for Girls

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I am so thankful that spring is here. We were lucky enough to have a pretty mild winter, but there’s something about the new growth and freshness of spring that wakes you up a bit. It’s a fresh start and a new season.

With the new season comes new celebrations – Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day and more, and spoiling my little girl with a few new things for spring is so much fun. Keep on reading for a few of my favorite spring items, all perfect for putting in your kids’ Easter baskets (or just because).

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First up is a fun gift for the whole family – Edible Arrangements. I often tell Chris not to buy me flowers, but an Edible Arrangement is the perfect gift. It’s beautiful and festive, but even better than flowers since you can eat it! I received the Easter Bunny Celebration basket and the Gourmet Shareable® Caramel Apple, and they barely made it through the door before I started to munch on them.

How cute are those chocolate bunnies? All of Edible Arrangements’ products are crafted with fresh fruit, with some pieces hand-dipped in chocolate. My favorite were the Easter berries – I’m a sucker for chocolate covered strawberries. The Caramel Apples were a big hit with my husband – he loves granny smith apples and the chocolate and caramel were the perfect finishing touch. They’re the perfect thing to send as Easter gifts – head here and use code BLOG4703 to save 20% on purchases over $50!

Next up, we received a darling outfit for Abbie from Osh Kosh. I actually love short overalls on kids way more than long ones, so these were right up my alley. The detailing on her top is so cute and I know it’s going to get a lot of wear (and from baby sister when she gets the hand-me-down). I’ve had many Osh Kosh clothes before and love the high quality and durability built into their clothes. They’re also perfect to mix and match since they all coordinate!

They also sent along these adorable bracelets, and Abbie loves them. She’s definitely getting more into accessories, and these are so bright and fun – perfect for my four-year-old. Head over to Oshkosh to check out their spring collection!

In addition to getting more into accessories, Abbie is also getting more into pampering and “girl time” as she likes to call it. We received three products from Yum! Spa, and she was beyond excited to use them. The 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for her fine hair (and she loves that it’s pink), and I love that it’s Paraben Free and hypoallergenic.

What Abbie couldn’t wait to try though, was the Sparkle Lotion and Shimmer and Shine Body Mist. She needs lotion daily, so using one with sparkles just made her day! The formula has jojoba and aloe and leaves her skin soft and hydrated. The Shimmer and Shine body mist… well, let’s just say she felt like one of the big kids when I sprayed it on her. I’m so glad these are products she can have fun with but aren’t terribly grown up – I know she’ll be raiding my makeup before I know it. The Yum! Spa line is currently available at Walmart (and soon to be on Amazon), as well as their website, and you can get a coupon for $.75 off here.

Finally, a roundup of the best spring items wouldn’t be complete without toys, right? In our house, we’re big fans of STEM based toys, and the two BrackItz sets we received fit right in there. We received the Inventor 44 set, which allows kids to create anything they set their mind to, including things with moving parts! I love the unique pieces of the set – they’re unlike any other building set we’ve used.

We also got the Driver 43 set, which includes directions for 10 driving machines. While Abbie can’t quite follow the directions yet, I’m excited for her to grow into using these sets! Brackitz are available in Target stores and on their website.

Abbie’s loving all these new things that came her way, and I cannot wait to have her wear those overalls all summer long. If I did Easter baskets, these would definitely be making their way into them and should go into yours too – all perfect gifts for the little girl (or big girl) in your life!

Which of these would you put in your girl’s Easter basket?

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About Jess

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