10 Things I Miss About Virginia Tech

Today, I’m skipping all those Friday linkups. As you read this, I’m either on the way to or already at my alma mater, Virginia Tech, to take my little sister for a visit. She’s been accepted and I’m happy to help her make the (right) decision. Totally kidding. I want her to go where she wants to go. That said, there’s so many things I love and miss about my school on a regular basis, so I thought I’d share in honor of my visit. Go Hokies!

10 things I Miss About VT

Hokie Football.  I think this one’s self-explanatory if you know me, but if you don’t… I can get kind of crazy about Hokie football.  I literally wait all year for it and support my team no matter what.  We’ve had a few rough years, but I love my school and team, and it will be a sad day for me when Frank Beamer retires.  After all, he’s the winningest active coach in college football.

Lane Stadium and Enter Sandman.  this goes hand-in-hand with number one, but there is literally nothing in the world like our team’s entrance.  If you’ve never seen it… go watch this clip.  I get goosebumps EVERY time.  I even get them when I randomly hear it on the radio and try to jump and bounce in the car.  Lane Stadium is one of the hardest ones for opponents, and for good reason.  Seats have been sold out for every game since 1998.  We are LOUD.  We jump, scream, and there is no sitting in Lane Stadium.  It’s one of my favorite place in the world, and I can’t WAIT to introduce Abbie to it.

Lane Stadium

Walking EVERYWHERE.  I seriously did.  It’s one of the best things about a centralized campus – you can get to almost anywhere on foot.  I didn’t have a car until my senior year, and honestly, I didn’t need it.  It definitely helped me keep off the freshman 15 and lose weight later on in college.  Now I have to drive everywhere, and it’s no fun.

The On Campus Food.  Virginia Tech consistently ranks at the top of every college food ranking, and for good reason.  We have 9 dining centers, offering almost anything you can think of: London Broil, to lobster, to smoothies, amazing cookies, milkshakes, Chick fil A, Chinese food, and more.  Seriously, the walking everywhere is what keeps you from gaining weight at VT, because the food is amazing.  Two alums actually published a book A Taste of Virginia Tech, and it’s the only thing that ebbs my cravings.  I worked for Dining Services all four years of college, and one of the best perks was the free meal I got for each shift.

The Off Campus Food.  Yes, I realize this makes me sound like all I care about is food, but I can’t help it. I love food, okay?  In addition to all the on campus options, there are tons of amazing off campus ones.  Gillies is a great cafe just off campus with lots of vegetarian options.  El Rodeo has seriously the best Mexican food I’ve ever had, and gives you a flaming shot on your birthday.  There was a place (that has since closed) called Boston Beanery where we went all the time…the place I was introduced to adding french fries on top of your salad.  Joe’s Diner serves the best late night food and cheezy eggs there are.  I could keep going…but just trust me on this one.

Sarah & I
I am 99% sure we went and got cheezy eggs shortly after this picture.

The Bars.  Well, it’s college, so of course this goes on the list.  We had something like 8 bars within a mile of campus.  There really was something for everyone, but my roommates and I have a special love of Hokie House.  It was “our spot” way more than any other bar.  Another Blacksburg favorite is TOTS (Top of the Stairs), where their signature drink is a rail.  The rail currently has something like 5 kinds of alcohol in it, but it used to have about 7.  Plus, all the drinks are cheap!  I will take a cocktail for less than $5 any day.  Also, can I have my alcohol tolerance back?  I can barely drink a glass of wine nowadays without it going to my head!

Hokie Stone. All the buildings on campus have hokie stone in them. Hokie stone is mined from a quarry near campus, and it’s a mixture of limestone, sandstone and some other things (hey, I’m no geologist here). Almost every building on campus is made from Hokie stone, and every new one has to have it as the most prominient building material. The use of Hokie stone is one of the things that sets our campus apart and makes it as beautiful as it is. Oh, and there’s a piece of it in the tunnel that our football players touch before they run out before every game. I want a piece above my front door. It WILL happen one day.

Friends. Okay, so that makes it sound like I don’t have friends here, but that’s not what I mean. I miss the days when seeing my friends was so EASY. My sorority sisters? All nearby. My best college friends? In my apartment. When I wanted to hang out, it was just a quick walk, and I could have them all in one place if I wanted. Nowadays, we’re all spread out across the state (and some out of state), and it’s so hard to see people. I miss having everyone so close by.

Rachel & Nichole

Organizations. I was part of mulitple organizations while I was at VT, and I miss them dearly. Not only the people, but the opprotunities and events I got out of them. I miss sorority dances, sisterhood retreats, and even recruitment. I miss going to Shabbat services whenever I wanted. I miss having the opportunity to do The Big Event. I learned so much from these things, and I miss having them in my life. I feel like I appreciated them while I had them, but that doesn’t stop me from missing them.

Community. This is probably what I miss most of all. Virginia Tech more than anything is a community to me, a home. Every time I visit, from the very first time I set foot on campus, it’s felt like home. It’s random chants of “Let’s Go, Hokies.” It’s seeing orange and maroon everywhere. It’s random photo ops with the Hokie birds on campus. It’s living for 32. It’s so many things I can’t begin to name, but more than anything, it’s a home to me. A piece of my heart will forever live in Blacksburg.

With that, I’m off enjoying showing my baby sister all that Virginia Tech has to offer. If you’d like to follow along, check out my instagram account and #JandAtakeVT. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. This makes me want to hop in the car and head to Blacksburg. Spot on list!! I think the best part of school was having so many close friends all within a few mile radius! Oh I miss those days.
    Can I trade places with your sister and go back to college?!

    1. Only if I can go back too! I’m REALLY hoping she decides on VT so I can have an excuse to visit whenever I want!

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