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When I was younger, I LOVED books.  I devoured them every chance I got, and my idea of a perfect day was going to the library, checking out a slew of them, and snuggling in my bed, reading.  Then high school and college happened, and things just got too busy.  I still read, but nowhere near as much.  I graduated.  I started working.  Books weren’t really on my priority list, and I missed them.  I think from high school through when I got pregnant, I read maybe five books a year just for fun – a far cry my younger days.

Then pregnancy happened, and Abbie was born.  Last year at this time, I was on maternity leave.  Nursing in the middle of the night gave me a lot of time to think…and to read.  As I read book after book, I remembered.  I remembered why, as a little girl, I had stayed up late reading with a flashlight under the covers.  Honestly, I really have Abbie to thank for it.  I think in my three and a half months of maternity leave, I read somewhere between 12 and 15 books.  Thankfully, I kept it going once I went back to work, and set a goal of 30 books last year, since I was turning 30.  I’m happy to say I met my goal.

So this year?  The goal is 31 books.  I’ve got a few on my list, but I’d love to hear your suggestions on what you’ve read and loved.  I read a lot of different things – books about food, dystopian young adult novels, historical fiction, best sellers, independent books.  Some of my recent favorites:

The Book Thief.  I loved this book.  It took a little while to get into, but once I did, I was HOOKED.  The story is narrated by Death, and begins in 1939 in Nazi Germany, following a little girl named Liesel.  Seriously, read it.
The Selection Trilogy.  I’ve also read the second book, The Elite.  The final book in the trilogy comes out later this year.  Think The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games.  So good.
Someday, Someday, Maybe.  I know.  Lauren Graham wrote a book – it surprised me too, but I really liked this one – a fun “chick lit” type read.
The Dressmaker.  I’m a sucker for a good historical fiction novel, and this one was great – it follows Tess, an aspiring dressmaker and seamstress as she crosses the Titanic with her employer…and everything that follows.

What have you read lately?  Any suggestions for me to help me reach my goal of 31 books this year?  If you’d like to connect with me on Goodreads, I’m here – sometimes I stalk others’ lists for ideas!

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24 Responses

  1. i could’ve written that first paragraph; I used to read so much when I was younger. But, unlike you, I had a baby and stopped reading. I reallllly need to change that. One of my goals this year is to stay off the computer more (at night and on weekends…in theory), so maybe I should replace my computer with a book!

  2. I LOVE reading too, but definitely have a hard time finding/making time for it. I want to be better about that now, while I have the downtime! Thanks for your recommendations, I always love finding new books and authors so I’m jotting all those down 🙂 My all-time favorite author is Jodi Picoult, have you read any of her stuff? I own almost all of them and they are ALL ‘can’t put it down’ kinda books!!

  3. I totally loved The Book Thief too. But I agree with you, it did take a little bit to get into it. I am still waiting to see the movie. I hope they did it justice. I definitely want to read Lauren Graham’s book this year. Love her.

  4. Visiting after Erin tweeted the link to this post! I can totally relate I used to always have my nose in a book and then university happened and all my leisure reading went out the window. I’m making a conscious effort this year to choose books over screens! I’ve been reading a lot of YA fiction lately but I’m about to switch gears and dive into some ‘heavier’ reads!

    I added you to my friend list on Goodreads and am now rolling on bloglovin’! Can’t wait to see what books you read over the year! 🙂

  5. I just finished 30 days by K Larsen – super quick, easy read! On the wait list for Committed which is the next book (not really a series – I think it’s just those 2 books!)

  6. The Book Thief is a great read! I’d recommend How to Eat a Cupcake by Meg Donahue as well

  7. I love (used to love?) reading too! I’m really impressed that you find the time for it with work, a baby and a blog! I can’t seem to fit it in. I don’t even watch much TV but every day there just seems to be too much going on and then I’m reading for bed (I like sleep a LOT)! Every time I do pick up a book I’m so glad I did! I might have to check out good reads sometime!

  8. I am reading where did you go, Bernadette? The Stars in the sky is another book I have read. I love to read!!

  9. Such an ambitious goal! I had a goal to read 15 books last year and didn’t quite make it. 🙁 Maybe I’ll get to 10 this year (so sad). I used to read two a week! I have a few on my to read shelf right now: Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, And the Mountains Echoed, Doctor Sleep, Inferno, Cuckoo’s Calling, Allegiant (third in the Divergent series) and The Storyteller.

  10. Hi Jess! I am a sponsor on Love, Fun & Football this month, too, so I thought I’d drop by and say hi. What a wonderful surprise to find a fellow book nerd! 🙂 I used to love books as a kid too, but got out of reading for pleasure in college and then back into it throughout the past couple years. I’ve been pretty scared that I won’t have time to read anymore after my son is born in May, but your story gives me hope! Anyway I hope you’re having a great day!

  11. Haha, I keep seeing people trying for like 50 and I feel lame, so thanks for that! I read the whole Divergent series and loved it…except the ending. I don’t know if you’ve finished it yet, but I was a little disappointed by it. I’ll be checking out those other ones too!

  12. That’s exactly what happened with me…and then books were less distraction for Abbie during middle of the night nursing sessions than the TV was, so I got back to it!

  13. I love reading too and make it through about two books a month. Not sure if I could do 31 in a year, props to you! My recent favorites are: And the Mountains Echoed, Wild, The Kitchen House, and The Night Circus.

  14. Yes, My Sister’s Keeper is by her! Some of my faves of hers (although they are literally ALL incredible) are 19 Minutes, House Rules and The Pact.

  15. I’ve got the goal of 1 book a week this year and so far I’m keeping up on it! The Book Thief has been on my list forever. Maybe this will be the year? 🙂 I loved The Cukoo’s Calling and The Gone Girl!

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