Abbie: 16 Months

Weight:  I think about 24 pounds.

Health:  Good.  Fighting a cold the last week or so, but nothing major.  Thankfully she escaped the stomach bug that Chris and I had over the weekend.


Sleep:  Sleeping through the night every night.  Down to one nap both at daycare and at home.

Social:  Lots of noises, but not a lot of words.  She understands us pretty well, just isn’t talking as much as I’d like her to.

Diet:  Sometimes 2 bottles, sometimes 3.  She also has 3 meals plus snacks.


Clothes:  All in 24 month and 2T clothes.  I think some of the 18 month stuff would still fit, but it’s wintery so I went ahead and packed it all away.

Baby Gear/Toys:  Still LOVES books, her chalkboard table, and occasionally her toys (why play with toys when mommy and daddy’s things are more fun, hence the Gatorade bottle in these pictures).


Crying:  Temper, temper, little one.  We have some rough years ahead, I am sure.

Likes:  Books, her ball, being outside, the swings, the slide, playing “where’s Abbie,” the cats, dancing, jumping, being chased by mommy and daddy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and any and all music.

Dislikes:  Diaper changes, the word no, getting her hair washed.

Milestones:  More teeth!  We now have 4 top, 4 bottom, and some molars coming though!


Abbie –

I’m not going to lie, you are getting to be more and more of a handful.  You’re so full of energy ALL the time and sometimes it’s hard for Daddy and I to keep up.  It’s good for us, right?  We’re so looking forward to all the fun things this summer will bring – slathered in sunscreen of course – and love watching you learn.  Could you do Mom a favor and try to talk a little more though?  You’ll get what you want (well, maybe) a lot faster if we can understand you!  Love you so much, little one.






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2 Responses

  1. THese posts tell me what I have to look forward to (or not, re: tantrums; Julia’s already knee-deep in those….#sendhelp)

    So, question on feeding/bottles. How does timing work out for all of that. Do you feed her right when she wakes up or wait for her to act hungry? I’m thinking our timing is off over here and I’m trying to fix it, but wanted to see what other parents are doing. I like the idea of giving her a bottle just before nap time/bed…have you always done that or did you transition to it?

    1. I’m trying to remember when we went to bottles just before nap and bed…it’s been a few months now. I try to give her as few bottles as possible – I really want her to drink milk out of a cup but no success on that so far. Typically if she’s hungry we give solids, but I’m sure it’s different for breastfeeding (you still are, right?). She gets 3 bottles on daycare days and two on home days. Typical daycare day:
      Breakfast: 7am
      At daycare by 8am – she gets two bottles (one before a nap), snacks, and lunch
      Home about 5:45, Dinner at 6:30pm
      Bedtime bottle at 8ish.

      And now this is the longest response ever. Probably should’ve emailed you 🙂

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