Our First Blue Apron Box

A few weeks ago, we finally tried out Blue Apron for the first time – something I’d been wanting to do for a while. I was in Houston the weekend before and didn’t have time for a full grocery shopping trip, so it was the perfect opportunity – not to mention the fact that I had a half off coupon on our first delivery.

Blue Apron Review

We chose the box for 2 people since Abbie’s really picky nowadays and we weren’t sure she would eat the meals no matter what they were. Now, here’s what we got in our first box!

Blue Apron Review

Our box came with three meals. Blue Apron lets you customize your meals to a point – a few of the meals use ingredients in common (like fresh garlic) so they group them based on that. I neglected to take a photo, but everything came neatly labeled and anything not fresh was already measured into the correct amount (2 Tbsp of butter, the Red Wine vinegar, etc). The box was shipped with giant freezer packs in it, so everything stayed nice and cold in the box even though it was outside in the summer heat for a little while. They do assume you have basics in the house like salt, pepper, and olive oil, but they send everything else! Also, the recipe cards are gorgeous, on high-quality paper, and have super-easy to follow directions – I loved the thought they definitely put into them.

Shrimp and Squid Ink Spaghetti

Shrimp and Squid Ink Spaghetti

When I picked the meals for this box, this was the first one I picked, and the one I was most excited about. Let me just tell you – it was my absolute favorite of the whole box. First of all, squid ink spaghetti – when am I ever going to buy that myself? I’d be too worried about if I’d like it or not. But this meal was seriously amazing. There were fresh corn and tomatoes in with the shrimp, it was super easy to make, and the squid ink in the pasta added a little something extra in terms of flavor. Thank goodness they put the amounts on the recipe card, because I will definitely make it again, even if it’s with regular spaghetti. Seriously, so good.

Lemon Chicken & Green Beans

Lemon Chicken & Green Beans

With this one – full disclosure – I didn’t make this dish exactly as specified. It called for roasting the two potatoes and squash as the side dish, but the day we were making this it was 99 degrees outside. There was absolutely no way I was turning the oven on when it was that hot! Instead, I just kept the produce for another day and made a quick boxed rice as our side dish. This dish was really good and flavorful as well – the chicken was skin-on, which I usually don’t buy, and that added a ton of flavor to the finished chicken. I did put a bit too much lemon juice in the sauce, but it was really good, even without the potatoes and squash.

Sweet Corn and Tinkerbell Pepper Pizza

Sweet Corn and Tinkerbell Pepper Pizza

This dish was Chris’ favorite. We make homemade pizza quite often, but not usually in flavor combinations like these. We cooked garlic and added it to the tomato sauce, then topped the pizza with Tinkerbell peppers (baby bell peppers), fontina cheese, fresh corn, and parmesan. I wasn’t sure if I’d like a pizza not totally covered with cheese, but this was delicious – my second favorite meal of the box. I love that this pushed us to try a completely different combination of toppings on our homemade pizza.

So now the big question – was it worth it? Would I do it again? Absolutely.

I loved the convenience of having meals delivered to our doorstep, but I loved the fact that it pushed us to try new things and new flavors even more. I would have never thought to add fresh corn to a pasta dish, but I loved the crunch it added to my pasta. I don’t typically make a pan sauce for chicken or green beans, but this showed me I should, and it wasn’t too much extra effort. I loved that I didn’t have to cover a pizza in cheese to like it – it was even better with just a small amount.

Now, am I going to order a box every week? Probably not. I haven’t ordered one since this first one. I’m a big meal planner and typically base our dinners around staples I already have in the house. (I sit down every Friday night/Saturday morning to do that for the following week.) I am probably going to save this for when we need a little variety, when I know I may not have time to grocery shop and meal plan like I want to (hello, maternity leave), and when the recipes that week really catch my eye. The Blue Apron website and app are super-simple to use and allow you to look at all the options for that week’s box or skip it entirely.

All in all, I’m really glad we gave it a try, and I’ll make sure to share any future boxes we get in the future!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for our Blue Apron box out of our own money and they don’t even know I’m writing this – I just thought others would want to know our experience!

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20 Responses

  1. I’ve always been so interested in trying these because the recipes look so different (and tasty) than anything I would make on my own! But I’ve always been afraid of the cost, I’m totally looking for a coupon to try it now!

    1. I never would have tried it without the coupon either! I’ll keep an eye out for you to see if there’s one in my account. After trying it, I would do it again if I really needed something different or knew I wouldn’t be able to get to the store easily – I may actually do it a few times once the baby’s born!

    1. Honestly, they weren’t that huge, which is something I worry about too. The pasta I definitely could have split into three servings and still been satisfied, and the pizza already came with extra – I ate those leftovers for two lunches!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try things like this and Hello Fresh but I feel like they are a little pricey. Maybe when I’m in a pinch for time or know I won’t have time to go grocery shop, might not be a bad idea! I’ll have to look out for a coupon 🙂

    1. Yep, that’s exactly how I used it. I’m too much of a meal planner to use it on a regular basis, but once in a while, definitely worth it – but wait to try it until you have a coupon! I’ll keep an eye out and see if there’s one in my account for you!

  3. I have been curious about Blue Apron and I am glad that you had such a great experience! Each one of those dishes sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I will have to look into it more 🙂

  4. All of your dishes look so delicious! My sister has been talking about wanting to try out Blue Apron, and I have been skeptical. I’ll have to point her in your direction, then she will really be convinced!

  5. I tried Blue Apron and Plated at the same time. I didn’t much like the Blue Apron when compared to Plated. I enjoy being in the kitchen and like to get a little “crafty” with my cooking. I felt Plated fit that better and the quality is higher. Like you I like to sit down and plan out my meals for the week though. There is something powerful about heading to the grocery store with a paper list in hand!

    1. Oh I’ll have to try Plated next! This was my first box like this and I really liked the idea, so I’ll have to branch out and try others!

  6. All 3 meals look amazing. Such pretty food! But I have to admit, I wouldn’t eat a single meal shared. I am such a pick eater. It’s ridiculous. My palette is totally basic.

  7. I’ve done Blue Apron a couple of times and I love it! It’s a little too pricey to do all the time and I wish they had an option where you didn’t have to sign up for recurring shipments. P.S. Have you tried Hello Fresh? Same concept–but I actually liked BA’s meals better!

    1. I totally agree – I go in each week and make sure it’s set on skip for the foreseeable future (in case I forget a week!). I haven’t tried Hello Fresh but it’s on my list!

  8. I have heard only wonderful things about Blue Apron! I keep thinking about trying it, but I keep such a well stocked pantry and consider both myself & Conor to be great cooks, so I don’t know that I really NEED it! I can make it all cheaper myself. Still the temptation is there…

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