Coffee Talk, November 18

So, I know it Tuesday, but it truly feels like a Monday to me. Maybe I need more coffee… Starbucks needs to hurry up on that delivery model they’re talking about. Let’s pretend we each have some, huh? Here’s what’s on my mind today…

  • I picked up one of these camis from Target over the weekend, and it’s seriously the most comfortable one I’ve ever owned. I’m about to go buy about five more. It’s soft, comfortable, and doesn’t have that stupid built-in bra that so many of them have. Plus, it’s on sale. Seriously, perfect. #targetdoesitagain
  • My parents came up over the weekend so we could celebrate my mom’s birthday… and she requested cheesecake. I always make this recipe with a few modifications. It always cracks, but it’s always delicious, so we don’t care. Abbie was just excited to play with Grandma.


  • Winter has hit Virginia for sure. It was only 26 degrees when I got in my car to head to work this morning, and our high today was only 34. I know there are parts of the country that get way colder, but it’s crazy for it to be this cold here so early. Prime example? I just looked it up and this day last year, the high was 70. So not ready for it to be this cold.
  • I’m always working on incorporating more movement into my everyday life. I think it helps me more with weight loss than doing actual workouts, because I’m more likely to actually do it. I get so much help from apps that help me track it – from my FitBit one of course, but also from this app, simply called Stand Up! You can set it to go off at whatever intervals you want, and it’ll come up and remind you to stand up. I have mine set to go off every 40 minutes during the work day, Monday-Friday. I’m not always able to stand up and take a quick walk, but it’s a great reminder for me and helps me take a break every so often. I feel better when I take a minute to step away every so often.

Stand Up App

  • The other thing that’s really helping is my new Weight Watchers Active Link 2.0. I was an early adopter and lover of the original one. The other week I upgraded, and I love it. The new one syncs via Bluetooth, so I’m able to see my progress all day. I can still wear it on my bra like I wore the other one, but this also has the option to wear it on your wrist. So yes, because I also wear my Fitbit every day, I wear two activity monitors, but that’s what works for me. I’m a crazy person.
  • I know people are just excited about Christmas, but I get a bit annoyed by all the early Christmas decor. Seriuosly, why the rush? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I refuse to have Thanksgiving while surrounded by Christmas decor. Calm down, people!
  • On that note, I’ve seen so many wishlists posted the past few days for a link up… and all I can think of that I want for Christmas is house stuff. Oh the life of a homeowner.
  • We regularly have to stop Abbie from eating cat food… as in, she cannot go into the kitchen without us anymore. I’ve had to dig in her mouth to get it out. Toddlers are so gross.
  • I read this article today, and sadly, it didn’t surprise me at all. I spend so much money on groceries this week, and now I know it isn’t just me, it’s my state. Highest grocery cost in the country is nothing to brag about, Virginia.
  • Abbie’s favorite new game is hiding under the covers in our bed. She even goes as far as shhh-ing us as she hides. It’s the most adorable thing ever.

Abbie Hides

How’s your week going? What would you tell me if we had coffee?

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