Oh Hey Friday {11.14.14)

Happy Friday guys! How was your week?


There are Thanksgiving recipes popping up everywhere, and that makes my heart happy. It’s my favorite holiday, and the fact that it’s less than two weeks away makes me even happier. Pass the stuffing, please. Not the boxed stuff – I kind of feel sorry for people who don’t know the deliciousness of homemade stuffing.


There is no doubt now that winter is on the way, and some parts of our area even saw sleet and flurries yesterday. While I know there’s so many places it’s colder, I am not looking forward to how long this winter seems it’s going to be! Abbie and I will stay snuggled up inside, thank you very much.



WVU suspended all Greek life activities this week after a fraternity pledge was found unconscious. I’m hoping that that young man is going to okay, but stories like this just make me sad and frustrated. I had a great experience with my sorority and had ZERO hazing, but other organizations and schools unfortunately keep doing things like this. this isn’t helping the Greek community, and it’s important for these students to understand they’re part of a larger experience and community. They’re endangering students and giving the rest of us a bad rap we don’t deserve.


The photos circulating of a certain celebrity I can’t stand (to the point that I refuse to have her name on my blog) have really got me thinking lately about Abbie and the role models I want her to have. I don’t want her to look up to women like that, who just objectify their bodies for attention. My hope is that she looks up to accomplished, driven women who follow their dreams and make a difference. Having a daughter means I need to shield her from some things and make sure I pull her up with others. I consciously think about my praise to her. While I think she’s a beautiful girl (biased mama here), I try to make sure that that’s not all she’s hearing. She needs to hear from an early age that she’s smart, that she’s kind, and that we’re proud of her for trying things. So, so important.


My holiday shopping is slowly getting done. Normally I’m nearly done at this point, but this year is proving to be tougher for gift ideas. I’m hoping to wrap up by Thanksgiving so we can just enjoy the holiday season!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!




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6 Responses

  1. I’m posting two of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes on the blog next week. It’s taken every bit of patience to not share them earlier. I heart this time of year so much!

  2. Yay for Thanksgiving food! I totally agree about stuffing, after you have had homemade the boxed stuff is just sad!

    I am very impressed with you almost being done with Christmas shopping, I haven’t even started! But we order most of our stuff off Amazon because we have to send it to family out of town.

    1. Boxed truly is the worst stuffing, but then again, maybe I’m just spoiled.

      Also, amazon is the best invention ever…. the only way I get it all done!

    1. Haha, thankfully my husband makes it pretty clear what he wants… except it’s not always in the budget!

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