The Easiest Way to Wash My Daughter’s Hands

I was asked to participate in the #WishIHadaWetOnes #Contest campaign, sponsored by Wet Ones® at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

The Easiest Way to Wash My Daughter's Hands

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do with my parents and grandparents was bake. We baked dozens of cookies around the holidays, crumb cakes for company, muffins for breakfasts – you name it, we did it. It’s always been something I loved to do, and it’s thankfully something Abbie loves too. She loves getting up on her learning tower and helping me in the kitchen, and I love it too – it’s great bonding time for the two of us and I’ve given her more and more responsibility as she’s gotten older.

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For the most part, she’s gotten so much better at following directions since we first started baking together, but there’s one thing she’s not so good about – making a mess.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve let her stir a flour mixture, only to find it all over the counter and all over her when I turned away for a moment (seriously, like reaching to get something out of the fridge!). She’s notorious for trying to stick her finger into the cookie dough when I stop the mixer to add more ingredients. The beater and the spatula don’t stand a chance against her – she licks them clean once I’m done with them, leaving the biggest smile (and mess) on her face.

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I love every minute of the process, but I don’t love the mess. We’ve been working on hand-washing, but Abbie is super stubborn and honestly, I don’t have the energy to fight her most days. Most days, I reach for our trusty Wet Ones® instead – whether the mess is from baking or just having one of her favorite peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches.

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We keep Wet Ones® Antibacterial wipes around the house at all times, and we use them constantly. I love that they’re quick, easy to use, and they get messes clean without fuss. They also kill 99.99% of germs, wipe away grime, and soften hands – they’re America’s #1 hand wipe for a reason! They’re tough on dirt and germs but gentle on skin since they’re hypoallergenic, have moisturizing aloe, and won’t dry or irritate your skin the way hand sanitizer does – plus they’re way more convenient since they’re available in 40 count canisters, 20 count travel packs, and 24 count individually wrapped singles. I know once Abbie’s in school, I’ll be stocking up on the singles to go in her lunches!

We typically pick up the Wet Ones® Sensitive Skin Canister at our local Walgreens. I get my prescriptions filled there, so it’s convenient for us to just grab our Wet Ones® there as well. The Sensitive Skin version is easy on Abbie’s hands and face – the two places that need cleanup the most. They’re alcohol and fragrance-free with an extra mild cleanser and soothing moisturizers to help keep skin soft and touchable. We keep a canister at home, and I keep the Wet Ones® Antibacterial Travel Packs in my purse and in the diaper bag. They’ve been a lifesaver for us many times – sometimes Abbie just moves too fast for me and the mess appears on her hands and face before I know it.


Since I use Wet Ones® all the time, I know I could use a year’s supply, and I’m in luck! Wet Ones® is currently running a contest to find the Messiest Kid in America, and the grand prize is $5,000 plus a year’s supply of Wet Ones® (and knowing my daughter, that’s a lot). Five first prize winners will win $2,500. Entering is easy – just take a photo of your child (ages 2 – 17 years old) at their messiest and post it to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #wishihadawetones and #contest. Check your direct messages to confirm your entry, and you’re done. Super easy… especially considering how often kids make messes! Full rules and ways to enter can be found by visiting

There’s another way to win some fun prizes during the Wet Ones® at Walgreens Twitter party on September 22nd at 8pm Eastern, hosted by @SpaceshipsLB. It’s the perfect way to gain more insight on all the ways you can use Wet Ones®. I will definitely be there – who doesn’t love the chance to win free stuff?

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Of course, if you don’t want to wait (or you need them now like I always do), check your ibotta app for $.75 off Wet Ones® at Walgreens, limited quantities available and exclude 20 count packages. You can thank me later for that one.

Do you use Wet Ones® in your home? I’d love to see the crazy messes your kids make!


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  1. Girl, I use Wet Wipes all the time. I keep them in the kitchen for messy hands, the car, my purse, everywhere! They are the best and I use Ibotta for them all the time. They are on there often. Great minds! 😉

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