Five {8.7.15}

Friday? Finally. Time for a quick five…


I am exhausted. This summer has been absolutely nuts, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. I know I had a long weekend this past weekend, but it was so busy and I miss having a chance to relax and just BE. I feel so overwhelmed lately with everything going on, and I’m just trying to make it until Labor Day weekend at this point… only 28 days to go!

Labor Day Countdown


One of the reasons I’m continually exhausted is because we’re preparing for a big office move… and to be honest, things really seem disorganized and a mess. I try really hard not to mention my job on here and keep them separate for professional reasons, but I’m frustrated lately. The office move is less than two weeks away, and I really don’t think anyone is ready. There’s also the fact that when the move happens, I’ll be required to work the weekend, meaning I’ll be working 12 days in a row. I know it’s little in the grand scheme of things (and I’ll be getting overtime pay, of course), but it’s frustrating that my department has to do the grunt work and I’ll be missing that time with my family. Like I said, just trying to make it to Labor Day weekend.


I love this space, but sometimes I really struggle with it. There are things I long to write that I feel I can’t – mostly because of the people I know who read here. I am probably one of the most non-confrontational people you could ever meet. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. I don’t like to cause conflict. Both those things leave me with feelings I want to write out – feelings I think you would all relate to – but I can’t bring myself to do it because it would hurt others. I’ve toyed with putting up password-protected posts, but that just defeats the purpose of having a public blog, right? For so long, my blog has been a space for my thoughts and feelings, so it’s hard for there to be thoughts and feelings I can’t put here – even if I think (and know) you guys go through some of the same things. Before I ever had a blog, I was a sporadic journaler, and I really think I need to invest in a journal to get these things down. Writing has always been my outlet, and sometimes you need to just get it out.


Last night when we were getting Abbie ready for bed, I made a shocking discovery – her earrings were GONE. She hasn’t messed with them since we got her ears pierced at 11 months old… but I guess yesterday she did and got them out. I immediately found something to get in her ears so the holes wouldn’t close, but I was pretty sad about it. My mom has the hoops my sisters and I wore as babies ready for Abbie (and they lock, so they should be Abbie-proof), but I loved her little piercing studs and wanted to save them for her to have later. Now she just gets a story about her toddler antics instead.

Toddler Antics


Honestly… I’ve got nothing. Maybe that it’s cool today’s date adds up? (8+7=15) I’m a nerd.

Have a great weekend!

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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8 Responses

  1. Totally hear you on counting down the days to Labor Day – August always feels like it lasts two months instead of one to me. I, too, am ready for a weekend of relaxation! Hang in there 🙂

  2. I know how you feel about wanting to write things but can’t. I mean I am a pretty open person but I hate upsetting people and hate confrontation. I don’t mind writing posts that could get a debate going but some people get really personal and don’t understand the meaning of a healthy debate. I like my blog to be a happy space with the odd rant post thrown in as it is real life but I don’t want to bring negativity to it and hurt people.
    Getting things off your chest is important so I do think writing in a journal privately would be a good idea!

  3. August is a tough month! I’m a teacher and have been out of school since June 6, but I work 30 hrs/week online year around, so my summer isn’t totally free. I also have guilt because I wasted so much time instead of hitting some goals. August is just one big, painful transition for me. Getting everything set in my classroom with countless faculty meetings and all the stupid questions teachers ask, getting my sons back to school and flipping their ‘up all night and sleep all day schedule’ . It’s a lot. Sorry Abbie lost her earrings. It sounds like she took them out gently without hurting her ears. Do you think she hid them somewhere in the house or car? I know how you feel about ‘having’ to work 12 days in a row. I work p/t because we need the money, but sometimes I’m so burned out and tired.

    1. We actually found the earrings in Chris’ car in her car seat – thank goodness. Hope August was okay for you – we made it to September!

  4. I can comets my relate to not writing about everything that I want to. Sometimes I worry about offending strangers, and sometimes I worry about hurting friends or family that read here. It’s a strange balance to find that is for sure.

    1. I don’t worry about the strangers so much, honestly – I usually feel that they’re more likely to have similar feelings… but I really don’t want to offend my family, or Chris’. Such a hard balance sometimes.

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