Five {9.4.15}

Happy Friday! I hope you all have lots of fun things planned for this holiday weekend, which I’m so pumped is finally here! While I’ve mostly stopped linking up my five every week, it’s so fun to do it about once a month and link up – so here’s today’s five!


Hokie football starts in only 3 days, and I am getting so excited. Okay, so I’m also incredibly nervous. We open the season on Monday with a home game against Ohio State (who we miraculously beat last year), and I’m so nervous I can’t stand it. I just want my boys to play a game I can be proud of. I’ll be cheering and screaming from my living room while my little sister gets to attend in person – her first game as a Hokie. I already asked her to FaceTime me during Enter Sandman if she has enough signal. I’m so, so so nervous and excited. If you need me on Monday, I’ll be wearing maroon and orange head to toe and watching the clock until kickoff. Oh, and maybe a temporary face tattoo for Abbie. Too much? #StartJumping


Speaking of football, one of my very favorite companies, Nickel & Suede, just released their Game Day collection so you can wear their earrings in your team’s colors! I LOVE these earrings and wear them all the time – they’re super lightweight which actually allows me to wear bigger earrings! Now just to decide if I want any others with my maroon and orange earrings….



It’s almost the weekend! Who’s going to a big game? #gameday #leatherearrings #teamspirit #nickelandsuede

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Our daycare provider has been on vacation this week, so Abbie has spent most of the week with my in-laws, and I’ve heard nothing but great reports. They bought a car seat, so they’ve taken her to the playground, Michael’s, the grocery store… and this morning she has all morning with her Grampy. i love that she’s so comfortable there… to the point that she knows exactly where her mac and cheese is kept. I’m so thankful they’re available to help us out for stuff like this so we don’t have to take PTO for it.


I got my August essential rewards order at the beginning of this week, and it was just in time. I was starting to get in a rut with my breakfasts, added the new Vanilla Spice Pure Protein Complete to my order, and I’ve been loving it. It’s got 25g of protein so it’s really filling, and I kepe thinking of new combinations – I already did mixed berries and peanut butter and banana, but I bet it would also be great with almond butter, peaches, nectarines… I think I could even sprinkle some on my oatmeal for a bit more flavor and protein. It’s only been 3 days and I’m obsessed and already added the chocolate to my next order. Mocha protein smoothie up next!




I attended Helene’s Get Paid to Blog webinar this week and it was SO good! She’s running an Instagram one next and I’m already registered for it. I admit I am pretty terrible at instagram, so I’m excited to take a webinar and get all her tips and tricks!

And with that, I’m wrapping up today.


Let’s Go, Hokies!


Nope, I’m not obsessed. Not even a little bit.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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  1. I am excited but nervous for my Gators too! The last few years have been rough and I have high hopes for this year but we have a new coach so it’s hard to know what to expect! Hope your Hokies do well! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  2. Oh man, I wish I had known at the free webinar!!! I would have loved to attend/watch. I can’t justify spending $107 on a webinar right now so I’m gonna have to pass on this one but her stuff sounds really really great! I’d love to attend in the future.

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