Fourth Recap and Some Good News

So, apparently four day weekends make me completely drop the ball on showing up here every day.  My company closed for the holiday on Wednesday at 1pm…and I basically checked out of everything for those days.  It was fantastic.  I haven’t had 4 days in a row off since Christmas (and the only one close was Memorial Day weekend), so it was desparately needed.  I spent so much time with my little family, and I definitely feel recharged.  It’s truly amazing what a few days off will do for you.


Well, that, and a change – some amazing news.  I kept it quiet, but Chris has been job-hunting for a little while now.  Wednesday morning (when I had a half day and couldn’t concentrate anyway), we got the news that he got a new job!  He’s still going to be working in the same field, but it’s a role with more responsibility and a raise!  We’re both thrilled, and I’m just so proud of him.

With that happening, so are some changes for us.  We’re about to start a new venture…house hunting!  I’m equal parts nervous and excited for it.  It’ll be amazing to have something that’s ours, but I’m just nervous about getting there – where we’ll end up, how our lives will change, and how Abbie will handle it.  I’ll keep you all up to date!

Daddy Abbie

Anyway, on to our weekend – lots of playtime, the playground, and just hanging out.  It was perfect.  We actually ended up going to the mall on the fourth for lack of other plans.  I hung out with a friend on Saturday night, and it was nice to get out for a few hours…too bad I only took a picture of my beer.  My friends, this is why I don’t drink a lot…my beer was 6 points.  6!  Crazy.

Abbie Wagon

Oh, and remember how I had to get rid of the bottles?  Yeah, Abbie hasn’t had any milk since Wednesday…because she STILL won’t drink it out of a cup.  I tried about 6 different cups, and even tried the spouts you add to a bottle.  No dice.  So we’ve upped the cheese and yogurt in our house.  I’m hoping it at least helps if it doesn’t make up for it.  I’m also secretly hoping our daycare provider can get her to drink it.  She seems to be magic sometimes, so we’ll see.

On Sunday we had a belated birthday breakfast for my sister-in-law at our favorite spot, Amphora.  Delicious, and Abbie was actually really good.

Doug Erica Abbie

Chris then went off to help some friends with their move.  While he was out I read all the instructions for the adventure of my day…fixing a toilet.  It had been running for a few days and was driving me crazy, so I picked up a toilet repair kit and fixed it!  Chris helped me by cutting the PVC pipe (I’m afraid of saws), but I otherwise did it myself!  I was pretty proud of that one…it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought, and I proved to myself that while having a guy around to do those things is great…I can do it too!  SO glad it’s not running anymore – the sound was making me crazy!  (Not to mention the water it wasted!)

How was your weekend?  Have you fixed a toilet before?

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19 Responses

  1. I love that the only photo you took was of your beer. No wonder we get along so well! 🙂 And don’t worry about A’s milk intake. She’ll drink it if she wants it. Kids don’t need nearly as much milk as we think they need. Mac hardly has any (and only with meals) and his pediatrician is not at all worried about it. Congrats to you hubby on the new job! So excited for you guys and house hunting!

    1. Hahaha, YES! Beer for the win. I’m trying not to worry about it – good to hear that Mac isn’t a big milk drinker either, and obviously he’s growing! And thanks – pretty excited for him to start!

  2. Congrats on Chris’s new job – that’s so great! So is house hunting! That is wonderfuly news — it’s a lot of fun but a lot of work.. always worth it. I ditto Sara about don’t worry on milk – I have a lot of friends with kids who won’t drink much milk out of a sippy cup but get dairy other ways. You could also see if she will drink milk out of a real cup and just keep it at meals. It might make her feel more grown up and want to drink milk that way. A little messy but eventually you’ll want her using a real cup anyway! 🙂

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