Friday! {10.16.15}

Happy Friday! I hope you all had an amazing week. Our fall has been pretty busy, so here’s a quick five before the weekend. 


My October Stitch Fix arrived yesterday with lots of fun things! I think I’ll be wearing some of those things for family photos, so I’m excited to have new pretty things to wear! Plus, if you read Courtney’s or Laura’s blogs, you may see something familiar!

Stitch Fix October 2015


Good changes have been happening at work. My department finally added a second admin (I’ve been the only one for over 5 years), so I know that will be a big help. The best news? My least favorite person left – their last day was yesterday. This is a person who was truly awful to me, so I’m glad to see them go – less stress in my life!


I get to see my baby sister this weekend! She’s coming home for fall break and I’m so excited to see her. We’re going out to our favorite breakfast spot and probably heading to the farmers market to load up on honeycrisp apples!


The weather has been absolutely perfect around here lately. Just chilly enough for a sweater or fleece, but not cold, and no rain during the day. I hate that we spend so much of our evening in the car because I just wish I could let Abbie run around and play. I’m hoping tonight we get home at a decent time so I can do just that – I already know this winter is going to be a long one!

Fall in VA


I’ve never been a big Halloween person, but I’m actually getting excited about it this year! My mother-in-law loves Halloween and is making Abbie’s costume… and she’s going to be Tinkerbell. I can’t WAIT to see how it turns out and see if Abbie is into trick-or-treating this year…. we’ll see. That or I’ll just let her be dressed up and give out candy.

Linking up with some Friday gals below – have a great weekend!

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11 Responses

  1. Tinkerbell sounds so cute! I can’t wait to see. Thank goodness for bad co-workers leaving!! UGH! Talk about draining the energy out of you! I can’t wait to see what you kept from Stitch Fix! I love how we all get some of the same pieces. 😉

  2. This weather is THE best. I love it just a little chilly that the moon roof is open and you can watch the leaves!

  3. Mmmm, honeycrisp apples! We’ve been eating a lot of them lately 🙂 I can’t wait to see pictures of Tinkerbell!! SO cute!

  4. Aw I can’t wait to see her Tinker Bell costume! Owen is going to be Peter Pan! I’m glad to hear work is getting less stressful — working with someone who makes you feel bad, or is mean to you, makes work 10x harder. I worked with someone once who was just so negative and immature. She would talk about everyone behind their backs and try to create cliques. I was happy to be on her “good side” and just steered clear of her as much as I could, but I was SO thrilled when she left. The whole workplace seemed happier and more pleasant!

  5. I really like your Friday posts! I wish we had fall here in Florida. I feel foolish drinking pumpkin spice coffee when it’s 88 degrees out. I miss the leaves and fresh, cool air. I’m glad your least favorite person at work left. It is very competitive at my job/school, and I hate interacting with some people. I’m naturally very trusting and don’t say anything unless I have something nice to say, but many people don’t follow that. I realize later that the person was making jabs … Often it’s easier dealing with hormonal 7th graders. At least they are honest and straightforward! Hope you have a great week!

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