Friday! {12.4.15}

Is it just me, or do the weeks leading up to Christmas go by faster and faster? I feel like it was just Monday and now we’re at Friday… if only the long weeks of January and February would go by this fast! We have a plan-free weekend ahead of us, so here’s hoping it’s a productive one. Now, time for my five for the week!


Our Christmas tree has been up since Sunday… and it’s still not completely decorated. In my family, it was always a family activity and event – everyone helped and we had a good time with it. But my husband? No interest. He thinks my love of ornaments is endearing, but doesn’t really help put them up. So I have about 1/2 of the ornaments up and that’s about it. It’s a good thing we have a pre-lit tree, or that wouldn’t be done either. (Yes, I am 100% pro fake tree – makes it SO easy.).

Abbie Christmas Ornaments


I only have two people left to buy gifts for, plus helping Santa with the stocking stuffers. One of those gifts needs to be mailed, so I’m hoping an idea hits me this weekend. I definitely don’t want to be one of those people waiting in line at the post office at the last minute – I go over there every day for work and the lines have already started. I want to avoid them so badly that I even ordered my holiday stamps online, to be delivered to my house. Lazy? Maybe, but genius.


My Black Friday and Cyber Monday boxes are starting to arrive, and it’s like Christmas came early! These boots arrived yesterday, and I’m loving them – they fit perfecting in the wide calf and I love the gray I got them in. I also grabbed a new set of sheets for our bed since ours were getting a bit worn – I think sometimes I get more for myself than gifts this time of year – the deals are just too good to pass up!

Gray Boots


Over the weekend, Abbie and I made a basket of cheer to give to my in-laws, and we had so much fun! I’m also giving away $20 in Paypal cash, so make sure you check out the post here to enter!


We received our first few holiday cards yesterday, and I just love getting them! Our first two happened to be from Laura and Elizabeth… and my husband was so confused. “You mean we’re getting cards from people we’ve never met?” Yes, yes we are, because they’re my friends… even if we met on the internet!


Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’m linking up with the Friday hosts below!

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About Jess

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4 Responses

  1. Haha my husband thinks it’s funny too that we are getting these “random” cards from people we haven’t met. Ahh to be married to a blogger ;). And omg I think my mailman thinks I have a problem. We got half a dozen boxes delivered just yesterday! It’s nonstop I tell you!!!

  2. So funny about the Christmas cards! I’m sure my husband is going to say the same thing, as I’ve recently exchanged addresses with a few blogger friends. 😉

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