Friday! {6.26.15}

It’s been about a month since I participated in a Friday linkup (seriously, where did this month go?), so I thought I’d join in today. Here’s what’s happening in our neck of the woods…


Abbie caught some kind of stomach bug and I stayed home with her yesterday. Of course, it started with her getting sick in my car on the way home from daycare. (Of course, it always happens in MY car…). Stomach bugs are the worst. The only plus side is I got lots of cuddles and day home to spend with her… even if she didn’t feel well. Now, to cross my fingers that Chris and I don’t get sick next!



My 14th Stitch Fix box came yesterday and I’m torn on what to keep – I got a necklace, a dress, and three tops… and none of the tops are keepers. Once I get Chris to take photos for me that’ll be up here and hopefully you guys can help me decide!


We finally have a free weekend as far as events, but TONS of stuff to do. Lots of errands (Costco, Target, Wegmans), making breakfast sandwiches, and hopefully hitting the farmer’s market (if it doesn’t rain on us). I’m so glad to finally have an event free weekend – it’s been a crazy summer thus far.


If you need any summer clothes, head to Old Navy. Seriously. I snagged so many cute things for Abbie recently, and a bunch of polos for Chris for work on super sale. Go now!


Tomorrow we go back to Weight Watchers for the first time in 3 weeks… and it’s not going to be pretty. I really do need my meeting every week and I’ve missed it so much. I’m ready to get back to it with planning out my meals… ALL of them. With the craziness of the month, my eating habits were pretty wonky, and I’m excited to concentrate on that again.

What’s going on for you this weekend?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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12 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to hear your little one was sick! I’m sure you soaked up all the cuddle time, but I’m hoping you don’t get sick too. Enjoy your plan-free weekend — sometimes it’s so nice to just run errands with my husband. He works most weekends, so even doing mundane things like that is fun when we get to do it together.

    1. I got lucky and didn’t! And yes, plan-free weekends are often the best ones!

  2. Poor Abbie, hope she feels better! My 4th Stitch Fix came this week – I guess it was bad timing because I just got myself a bunch of new stuff from Old Navy and Loft. I usually keep at least one thing, but it was hard for me to decide since I liked my other new purchases better. I did get one top that I really liked though, so that was my Stitch Fix keeper. And you are so right about Old Navy – seriously want to buy all the things (for all 3 of us)!

  3. I hope Abbie feels better. I agree – it is soooooooooooo wonderful to have an event free weekend. I love attending gatherings with friends and parties and celebrations, but sometimes I just want to be home, with no agenda.

  4. Awww I hope Abby starts feeling better. Tummy bugs are the worst! So…if you happen to go to Costco and they still have that book, pick it up and I’ll totally pay you back for it (and shipping too, of course)! Thanks for reminding me about Old Navy—the girls are growing like weeds and I need new clothes for both of them!

    1. So, obviously I meant to tell you this right after… but they didn’t have it. I’ll be checking every time I’m there for you though!

  5. Aww hope Abby feels better! I have pretty much nothing planned this weekend but a full list of things I need to do to get caught up on all the stuff I didn’t get to last weekend, lol! That’s the way it goes! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I’ve had old navy on my list to do for weeks! I’m bummed I missed the $5 shorts sale a few weeks ago, I need to just jump online and do my shopping there!

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