Stitch Fix: June

Happy Monday! It’s once again time for me to share my latest Stitch Fix with you. I received my box on Thursday and am so glad the weather was nice enough this weekend to grab a few photos outside. I hope you all love reading these posts, since I love writing them and reading them myself!

Stitch Fix June 2015

So without further ado, my 14th Stitch Fix box. For this fix, I requested the same stylist I had last time (Darla) and asked that she surprise me, but work-appropriate tops are always welcome. She sent some fun options for me.

Fun2Fun Kysa Cross Back Top – XL – $44.00

Fun2Fun Kysa Cross Back Top

This was actually straight off my Pinterest board… but to be honest, I don’t remember pinning it! This shirt is a great print and an awesome criss-cross back (although why I didn’t get a photo of that I don’t know). Ultimately, this one had fit issues. This XL definitely fit more like a large, and was a high-low hem that was WAY too short in the front… as in, if I lifted my arms at all, you’d see all the things I like to hide. I feel the style is totally me though, even if the fit made me send it back. Verdict: Return.

Ezra Nawny  Tiered Back Knit Top – XL – $48.00

Ezra Nawny Tiered Back Knit Top

Ezra Nawny Tiered Back Knit Top

This is another item straight off my Pinterest board – Darla really paid attention to it, which I loved. I had pinned this one because of the interesting back, but had no idea what the front looked like. While the back is super cute, it also is a really wrinkly fabric and as you can see from the photo, didn’t really lay right. The front is really simple and may have worked if it weren’t for fit issues once again. This also fit more like a large than an XL and was entirely too tight in my arms. Verdict: Return.

Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse – XL – $68.00

Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse

Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse

This item really had promise, and I was really excited to see something from this brand in my box. A lot of my pins have been Brixon Ivy items, but I hadn’t received any until now. The fit on this top is SO flattering. It’s super comfortable and totally appropriate for work. The lace detail is beautiful, but something about it just bothers me – that it seems unfinished. I much prefer finished edges on my clothes since I think it just looks more put together and professional – especially with work clothes. At $68, I’d have to really love it in order to keep it, and I’m just 100% sure. Updated Verdict: Kept! You all convinced me.

Andrew Marc Alissa Dress – 14 – $98.00

Andrew Marc Alissa Dress

When I pulled this dress out of the box, I was intrigued. It’s a beautiful color and I don’t have a ton of pink in my closet, although deeper shades of it definitely flatter my skin tone. I knew from the moment I touched it that this is a quality dress. The fabric is soft with a bit of stretch to it, it’s line, and the neckline is simple and both work and home appropriate. It’s really comfortable on. That said, it doesn’t seem as flattering in photos to me as I thought… so I’m undecided. There’s also the price tag… would I wear it enough to justify that? Updated Verdict: Return. The weird bunching near my boobs made it not so flattering in photos and for the price, I ultimately decided to send it back.

Bay to Baubles Antoinette Gemstone Necklace -$34.00

Bay to Baubles Antoinette Gemstone Necklace

A lot of people don’t like getting jewelry in their fixes, but some of my favorite pieces I currently wear are from Stitch Fix. This necklace it unlike any other one I have. I like that it’s a statement necklace, but not too crazy – just simple and the color will work with a lot of things. It hits at a great length. I’m undecided on this purely because I’m undecided on the dress – I’m trying to not spend so much money lately, and do I really need another necklace? I don’t know. Will I regret it if I send it back? Probably. Updated Verdict: Returned. If I end up regretting this, I can probably find something similar in a store. Or I’ll just be sad. Time will tell.

So, that’s my June Stitch Fix. Can’t wait for the next one!

Do you want in on Stitch Fix?  It’s easy!

  • Log in to and you create your style profile.  (Use my referral link please!)
  • You pay a $20 styling fee (which goes toward your order), then the Stitch Fix stylist picks out 5 items for you to try on.
  • The box arrives at your doorstep.  You try them on and decide what to keep, then send back anything you don’t want.
  • Checkout online, giving feedback about what you did and didn’t like about your fix. The more specific you are, the better your fixes get.
  • If you keep all 5 items, you receive 25% off your order.
  • You get to choose your price range, so your stylist has an idea of what you’re willing to spend.
  • Have fun!

 What do you think of my latest fix?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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32 Responses

  1. oh man, I’m torn. I think I like the dress? It could be versatile once it gets cooler (jean jacket, cardigan, etc.), but the price tag is what would stop me. And I think I like the blue shirt? But you’re right…it almost seems a little unfinished. Tough decision this month for ya!

  2. The dress would be awesome with a jean jacket either white or regular jean color. I also liked the sweater with the tiered back. But it’s so hot to wear right now! I think those are the items I would choose. I am hoping to get another fix soon!

    1. I ended up keeping only the blue shirt… but it was a really hard decision this time!

  3. Loveeee the blue top! So summer-y & am loving the lace detail …also the necklace is a keeper! The price of the dress is saying no …although it looks great there are other pink dresses as comfy and not as expensive …is there a way to tell Darla to look for similar dresses with a diff price range? Just a thought but deff loved this months stitch fix .

  4. the blue top is so pretty, but the prices on everything is so much! The dress is really flattering and can be worn year round and in different ways through styling choices. Lovely – Lindsay

  5. I do LOVE that blue top on you! But at that hefty price tag, I’d be torn too! I don’t know if I could justify spending that much on a top! That dress is super cute, but same as above.. the price tag. You’d have to really really really LOVE it!
    I do love that necklace!

  6. I love the deep blue color of that shirt, but I agree with you on the lace looking unfinished. I don’t think it looks bad, but I can see where it would bother you. Super cute on you though! I like the idea of the dress, but I think for that price you should love it. I think the cut could be super flattering, but I think I’d like it in a deeper pink. The necklace is SO PRETTY and I would definitely keep that. 🙂

    1. Well, I just ended up keeping the blue one, but I definitely struggled with deciding. I just couldn’t justify $34 on the necklace in the end.

  7. I think the dress looks great on you! The necklace is nice too. It’ll compliment a lot of different outfits and bring a pop of color!

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