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On Monday I saw that Stephanie had tagged me in a fun little post called Love and Hate… as in ten things you love and ten things you hate. I love these kind of posts, so obviously I was going to join in. I just can’t resist.

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Things I Love…

  • My family. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory, huh? They’re the reason for everything I do, and I wouldn’t be complete without them. I’m so thankful for them every day – two of the best parts of my day are the “Hi, Mommy!” I get from Abbie when I pick her up from daycare, and the running hug she gives Chris when we all get home. Nothing better.
  • Blacksburg. I think it’s obvious I have a deep love of all things Blacksburg and Virginia Tech. What, you don’t buy a maroon car to match your alma mater?
  • Alpha Gamma Delta. I am so thankful that Alpha Gam came into my life in college – it’s how I found some of my best friendships and truly shaped me in a way I can’t explain. Some of my most cherished experiences come from being an Alpha Gam. It’s amazing how seeing those three letters anywhere gives you an instant smile and bond with a stranger.
  • A made bed. Chris thinks I’m ridiculous… but I like making the bed in the morning only because I prefer to get into a made bed at night. It just feels better. I can’t explain it, but if you love it too, you get it.
  • Coffee. I’m a mom to a toddler. Of COURSE I love coffee.
  • Young Living Essential Oils. I’m obsessed and I know it. I put oils in everything now, use Young Living products in my daily life, and am constantly thinking of what I’m going to try next and sharing that. It’s truly amazing to see all the uses for them, and I’m vowing to do a better job of sharing what I use them for in my everyday life. I promise you, your life will be better with them!
  • Lady Antebellum. They are the only band I’ve seen in concert more than once. The only band I’ve ever considered buying front row tickets to. The band that wrote the song we would’ve used as our first dance song if it came out just a few months earlier. I want to be friends with them and freaked out when I touched their hands at a concert. Crazy? Maybe, but I’m fine with it.
  • Breakfast. There is no meal I love more than breakfast, except maybe brunch. All my favorite foods are breakfast foods. It’s so easy to eat a healthy meal with breakfast, and there are SO many possibilities. My current favorite is a copy of a restaurant meal I eat all the time – an omelet with cheese and bacon, topped with fresh avocado. I could eat it for every single meal. Don’t even get me started on French toast – it’s like dessert for breakfast. How could you NOT love that?
  • Avocados. They’re delicious, and if you don’t like them, you’re a crazy person. I suppose that makes my husband crazy but also means more for me.
  • Blogging. I never imagined when I started writing here years ago that this would become what it has to me. I love this community, I love writing, and I love reading other blogs.

Things I Hate…

  • Bad Drivers. I spend about 2 hours in the car every weekday… in one of the worst cities in the country for commuting. People are crazy here. Slow drivers, people that don’t use turn signals, people that make absolutely no sense while driving… ugh. They are the main stressor in my everyday life.
  • Heat and Humidity. I HATE being hot. I don’t think there’s really anything worse for me. It drives Chris crazy because I can’t sleep if it’s above a certain temperature, so I have blackout shades and vent boosters upstairs in our house. I swear it helps, but he thinks I’m nuts.
  • Sitting Still. The older I get, the more I get like my grandmother – she was a person that could never sit still for too long, and I’m getting more and more like that. You know how people can just watch Netflix for hours on end? Nope, not me, unless I’m sick or something. I get antsy even sitting for longer than 30 minutes!
  • Unread iPhone notifications. That little red notification drives me insane.
  • Cleaning floors. I can’t stand it, but I want my floors to be clean. On the other hand, I don’t mind vacuuming. Hence why we bought a house with lots of carpet.
  • People that don’t read emails. Especially when I’m at work and someone asks me something… that was in a previously sent email. We don’t send emails just for fun, people!
  • People who don’t listen. Similar to above. Just annoying.
  • Autopay that doesn’t let you pick the date. Okay, I know this is a dumb thing to hate, but I’m not signing up for your autopay if you won’t let me pick the day. If it’s before the due date, I should be able to pick. I have one bill that I refuse to sign up for it on… because I want to pick the date and the system won’t let me. So annoying.
  • Student Loans. I think most people hate them. If someone could be my fairy godmother and just pay them off for me, that would be great.
  • How clumsy I am. I am the clumsiest person I know. I fall up stairs. I fall down just standing. I walk into door frames. If I could have a little bit of coordination…that’d be great.

I’m supposed to tag a bunch of people now, but a lot of people I would have tagged have done this or been tagged already… so I’m throwing it out there – let me know if you do this because I’d love to see yours!

What do you love and hate?

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22 Responses

  1. I am with you on the bed! I CAN’T STAND getting into an unmade bed, or leaving the house with it unmade for that matter. It sets the whole day off wrong! Something about tucking in the corners, and making sure it is all pretty and ready to go–a much better nights sleep! 🙂

  2. You are NOT crazy. I will stand firm with you on this one. Something just feels better about a made bed. Avocados make everything better and I can’t sit still either. So fun to learn some more about you :).

  3. I thought I was the only one that was super annoyed with the red number notification box on my iPhone. I actually turned off that feature in the settings it was THAT annoying!!

    1. Hahaha. I never said I was good at it – just that I read them…responses…well, they’re delayed…

  4. I can relate to many of these like being hot and needing the bed made and a love of avocados and unread notifications. It’s good to know I’m not alone!

  5. I feel like I should comment on the good rather than the bad but… I seriously HATE bad drivers and they are abundant here! Bad, slow, overly fast, crazy, you name it. Ugh. And I hate when people cut you off without using a turn signal. At least tell me you’re cutting me off 🙂 I also HATE student loans!!! I will be so happy when those are done. Only benefit is the interest you can claim on your taxes but I’d much rather not have them than have the interest help me on my taxes.

    1. I hate traffic SO SO much. It’s so bad here – we even got voted as worst in the nation recently! Glad you agree with me on so many things! Now move here so we can commiserate in real life 😉

  6. Yes to bad drivers, especially when you have somewhere to be and they are driving 30mph in a 60mph zone. There is a speed limit for a reason stick with it. Having unread notifications drives me insane I always have to click on that notification even if I am busy because it just irritates me to have that little red bubble. I end up never replying to someones message because I have already clicked on the notification.

  7. Oh my, the red notifications are unfuriating! I have to get them to disappear ASAP! And I get serious anxiety when I see someone’s phone for so many of them! How do they handle it?!

  8. YES to the made bed. The rest of my house might look like chaos, but if my bed’s made I feel like it’s going to be okay 😉 LOL! Student loans- boo. And I totally get the autopay stuff too. I’m actually frustrated with our mortgage company right now- they won’t let me make additional payments online anymore- I have to call and go through this big hassle if I want to- ugh!

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