Mother’s Day Giveaway!

This year I’ll celebrate my 3rd Mother’s Day, and I have a feeling this is the first one I’ll really enjoy.  The first one I was pregnant but couldn’t tell anyone yet.  The second Abbie was only 4.5 months old and I was still figuring everything out.  This year though, I’m excited for it.  I know for a fact Abbie got me something cool (because I helped her dad pick it out, haha), and I’m just excited to spend the day playing with my little girl.

On that note, even if you’re not a mom, it could be an amazing day for you too!  I’ve teamed up with a bunch of lovely ladies for a Mother’s Day giveaway…and I mean, who doesn’t love Target, Sephora, and Starbucks?  I know I do…so if you win, want to send some my way?  Totally kidding.  Well, kind of.  Enter below!



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  1. I’m also looking forward to actually enjoying mother’s day this year too! My first Callie was 2days old and were both in the hospital and sick. The 2nd was the day after her way too many ppl i’m exhausted bday party. This year I’m hoping for some sun, quiet and just enjoying the day (finally!). Love this giveaway!

  2. What an awesome giveaway! 🙂 I can’t believe this will be my third Mother’s Day too! And I’m with you…I’m really looking forward to it this year!

  3. I’m not a mom yet, but my mom is pretty darn awesome! She has always supported me in everything I do! 🙂

  4. The best thing about being a mom? Oh my word, I don’t have the time to write it all out. The first thing that comes to mind is that I have someone who depends on me and literally calls out for me. I love being her person.

  5. I am only a mother to a furbaby, so my favorite thing about my mom is how strong and hardworking she is while also being super fun and kind.

  6. The best thing is seeing the two little people I helped create with my husband! 🙂 They are both our mini-mes and just such awesome little people!! 🙂

  7. This is my kind of giveaway!! It’s my first Mother’s day and I’m excited to see what the boys pulled together for me, if anything haha.

  8. The love they have for you and how you do everything right – 😉 My kids are my world

  9. I love seeing my kid figure things out and watching her personality grow.

  10. My favorite thing about my mom is her unconditional love. She has so much of it, it touches anyone she contacts.

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  12. Happy Mother’s Day to you! My favorite thing about my mom is that she is super generous and giving, always putting others before herself.

  13. I really admire that my mom doesn’t give up hope, and she continues to go to therapy and strive to be her best. She had a stroke two years ago and her left side pretty much stopped working.

  14. My favorite thing about my mom is that when she does something, she puts all of her energy into. She doesn’t do anything half way.

  15. I’m loving all these comments about your moms and being a mom! So many great things about motherhood!

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