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As I’ve entered my mid-30s, I’ve really started to focus on my skin and treating it right. I’ve always taken the simple steps for my skin – taking my makeup off at night and washing my face – but only recently have I started to add a few new products to target my concerns.

I don’t know about you, but my 30s have been a weird time with my skin. I’m still dealing with a bit of acne (especially hormonal acne), but I am slowly noticing a few lines here and there. Now to be clear – I have no issue with a few lines here and there. I’m not trying to look 20 years younger than I am, but I want to be sure that I give my skin everything it needs as I get older.

I took advantage of the holiday sales at Sephora and grabbed a few gift sets for myself, which really helped me try a few different products without a huge splurge. There are a few products I discovered as a result, and I’m really loving them!

For Makeup Removal:

I have been using Sephora’s Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover for a while now, and I alternate it with the Garnier Micellar Water. Both are great at taking off my makeup at the end of the day before washing my face. I tend to use the Micellar Water a bit more – just a little on a cotton pad and my makeup is gone. When I forget to use it, I definitely still have a bit of a ring of mascara around my eyes after I wash my face!

For Morning Skincare:

One of the holiday sets I tried out was from Ole Henrikson, and it basically made me love SO many of their products. My absolute favorite has been the Truth Serum. I use it every morning and it’s made such a difference in the texture of my skin – it’s firmer and brighter since I’ve been using it!

I like to use a lightweight moisturizer afterward, so I typically follow with the Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer and the Uplifting Transformation Eye Cream before my primer and makeup. They give just enough hydration to last me through the day.

For evening skincare:

I shower at night, so I make sure to pamper my skin a bit afterward and really love taking that time for myself. I wash my face in the shower using a simple cleanser (I’m cycling through a few different samples at this point). One of my favorite things to do after my shower are clay masks – and these simple ones by Sephora are my favorite. They come in 8 different varieties to address all your concerns, and it’s not unusual for me to put the green one (detoxifying) on my nose and the purple (moisturizing) on my cheeks. The best part is that these are a steal at only $8 each. The package says 4 uses, but I’ve always gotten more – usually closer to 6. They are definitely worth picking up and only take about 10-15 minutes!

After those, I layer on a few products before bed. First up, two from Ole Henrikson (I told you I was obsessed). I use a little bit of the Invigorating Night Transformation Gel all over, let that sink in, then put the Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel under my eyes. Since I’ve started doing that, I definitely have seen a difference in my under eye area!

I finish up with a new discovery of mine – It Cosmetics Secret Sauce Moisturizer. I’ve seen this recommended by a few people and once I tried it, I loved it. It goes on super smooth and leaves my skin feeling amazing and still super hydrated the next morning! It is a bit pricey, but worth every penny and I know this huge jar will last me a long time.

So that’s what I’ve been using for skincare lately! Any favorites of yours you’d like to share?

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