Working Mom Hack: Breakfast on the Go


I don’t know about your house, but in my house? Mornings are crazy.

Since both Chris and I work full-time, there’s a lot to do in the mornings. All four of us need to be dressed, fed, and ready to go by 7 am – including the sometimes grouchy five-year-old and the overenergetic toddler. There’s a lot of running around, a lot of repeated instructions, and a lot of juggling to get it all done so we can leave on time.

I have probably mentioned before that the morning rush isn’t always my favorite, but I am incredibly fortunate to have a husband who is a huge help in the mornings. He’s traveled a few times for work and those mornings without him are always infinitely harder.

Being the makeup lover I am, I typically take a little more time to get ready in the mornings, and as a result, Chris usually makes me a simple breakfast sandwich in the mornings. A muffin or sandwich thing, a meat (usually turkey sausage or bacon), and egg, and a slice of cheese come together quickly and keep me full all morning.

Unfortunately, I’m often heading downstairs to eat it at the last possible moment, and that means I need to take it on the go. In order to do that, I need something that’s going to hold my sandwich together but also protect it from the chaos that is my purse.

Enter Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap.

This is not the plastic wrap we have all struggled with in the past – the ones we all cut our fingers on, lost our minds trying to find the edges, and dropped out of the box countless times. Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap is different in all the best ways to make it easier to use:

  • It has a built-in slide cutter for a clean cut every time. I can’t tell you how many raggedy edges I’ve had on plastic wrap in the past.
  • The Starter edge™ makes it super easy to find the start of the roll so you don’t have to fumble with the wrap – it’s otherwise so hard to see!
  • Each roll is helf firmly in place in the box – no rolling away here!
  • The Reynolds you know and love is still the best, and the long-lasting seal keeps food fresh.

Now, back to my sandwich – and how Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap is the perfect solution. One quick square wraps up my sandwich in moments and keeps it clean in my purse, and if I don’t have a chance to eat it before I get to work, the Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap is microwave safe to heat up my sandwich when I get there. It’s a simple, no-mess solution for my on-the-go breakfast as a working mom.

Because what working mom needs more messes? Not this one. Keeping my mornings easy is something to celebrate every chance I get – especially when we’re trying to get these two out the door!

Have you tried Reynolds KITCHENS® Quick Cut® Plastic Wrap yet? Head here to find out more about it!

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As a working mom, breakfast is a staple in my life - and I need it to be fast and easy. Read about my super easy hack for taking breakfast on the go, and the easiest working mom breakfast! #workingmom #breakfast #breakfasthack

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