Small Changes for Your Health

Every so often, my company runs a health competition or initiative.  In the past, it’s been things like Biggest Loser competitions or steps competitions.  This year, they put out a list of small changes you can do daily, weekly, and monthly for a healthier lifestyle.  Our competition runs for a month, and if you get enough points, you get a prize at the end.  Nothing motivates me like prizes, even if they’re small ones.

In fact, I love the idea of this list so much, I decided to share it with you.  So many of them are small things, but they can add up to a big difference in health and weight loss.  I did add a few extra of my own in too!  I’ve also let you know what I’m concentrating on – items in bold are things I already do on a regular basis, and items in italics are ones I see as reasonable and ones making an effort to do during this challenge!

Small Changes for Health


  • Eat fruit for your dessert today.
  • Try brown rice or whole wheat pasta today.
  • Try a new fruit or vegetable today.
  • Walk to a co-worker’s desk instead of emailing or calling today.
  • Do 50 sit ups today.
  • Try sitting on a balance ball instead of a chair.
  • Do not eat any junk food today.
  • Add at least 1,000 steps to your daily routine today.
  • Split an entrée with someone today.
  • Invite a friend to take a walk with you today.
  • Bring a healthy lunch to work today.
  • Get up and move while talking on the phone today.
  • Dance to a favorite song today.
  • Eat 9 servings of fruits/vegetables today.
  • Take a brisk 15 minute walk today.
  • Walk/run one mile today.
  • Read an article on wellness/health today.
  • Ask for salad dressing “on the side” today.
  • Do not eat anything while watching TV today.
  • Take the long way to the bathroom.
  • Have your blood pressure checked today.
  • Limit caffeine to 1 serving today.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours today.
  • Order a side of fruit or salad instead of fries today.
  • Ask that the bread or chip basket be removed from the table when eating out today.
  • Eat at least 25 grams of fiber today.
  • “Veg up” your sandwich today. (lettuce, tomato, red onions, red peppers, avocado, etc.)
  • Write down 3 positive things about yourself today.
  • Smile and laugh often today.
  • Stretch for five minutes today.
  • Use skim or soy milk today.
  • Make a long term fitness goal and share it with someone


  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator every day this week.
  • At dinner, make sure half your plate is vegetables every day this week.
  • Don’t eat anything after 7 p.m. any day this week.
  • Do not add any sugar any day this week.
  • Drink a glass or water before each meal every day this week.
  • Eat only when you are sitting down this week.
  • Do not drink any soda this week. (includes diet soda)
  • Keep a log of what you eat every day this week.
  • Park your car further away from your destination every day this week.
  • Do squats while you brush your teeth every day this week.
  • Do not use the salt shaker before tasting your food any day this week.
  • Do 30 lunges every day this week.
  • Do not eat trans fats any day this week.
  • Eat wheat or whole grain bread instead of white bread this week.
  • Eat your meals on a smaller plate every day this week.


  • Try to touch your toes at least 15 times every day this month.
  • Do jumping jacks for one minute every day this month.
  • Drink 5 glasses of water every day this month.
  • Do 5 shoulder rolls twice to release tension in your neck and shoulders every day this month.
  • Take a multi-vitamin every day this month.
  • Exercise during the commercials of your favorite TV show every day this month. (push-ups, sits ups, etc.)
  • Pass on the vending machine every day this month.


Anything you’d add to my list?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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16 Responses

  1. These are some great ideas- and most of them seem so simple they can help kickstart a great habit. Thanks for posting the list!

    – Rebekah @ Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles

  2. This is SUCH a good reminder list! I always eat lunch at my desk, so there used to be days I barely moved at ALL which I know is so so bad for you. In the past couple of months, I make a conscious effort every day to get up more often, use the printer down the hall, take the stairs instead of our elevator, get up and just do a few quick stretches, etc! It adds up! 🙂

  3. These are such easy things to do if you really think about it. They say if you do things even just five times in a row/daily it can become a habit. I wrote down a few things to do myself!

    1. So true, especially if you just pick a few to focus on at first, then work on more as you get comfortable!

  4. there are some really great ideas on this list! I wish I could eat fruit as dessert! but there are some other things to try on here – thanks for sharing this list.

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