Staying Healthy with a Desk Job

Like many others in the corporate world, I spend the majority of the work day sitting at a desk. We’ve heard time and time again how sitting so much isn’t good for you. It’s not news. Sitting has been linked to a host of other diseases. While my office does have a few standing desks available, not every desk is a standing desk, and not everyone in a corporate environment has the opportunity. I’ve worked really hard to find ways to combat sitting at a desk all day, and today I’m sharing those tips with you!

5 Tips for staying healthy with a desk job. Combat all the sitting a corporate environment entails with these tips!

Bring lunch every day.

This is probably the most crucial one for me. Every night, I take a little time before getting ready for bed to pack my lunch for the day. Having a prepacked, healthy lunch takes the guesswork out for me when lunchtime rolls around, and it actually gives me a little bit more flexibility. Rather than waiting until a specified lunchtime to eat, I can grab a piece of fruit from my bag if I get hungry early. I can eat lunch at 11am if I want to – simply because it’s there and I don’t have to go get it.

Exercise on your lunch break if you can.

This has been crucial for me. I used to get an hour for lunch, and I would use that to go to the gym at my office. My schedule changed and I now only get 30 minutes – but I still make those 30 minutes work for me. Most days, I eat my lunch at my desk, then take my 30 minutes to take a walk. If it’s nice outside, I’ll walk outside. If not, my office has a covered parking garage, so I walk up and down the rows, listening to podcasts. The time passes quickly, and it gets a little extra activity in my day.

Get up and take a 5-minute walk every hour.

I actually have an app on my phone called “Stand Up” (just search for it – it’s free!), that you can set to remind you to get up at different intervals. I have mine set to go off every 40 minutes of my office hours during the workweek. I’m not always able to get up, but it does give me a reminder to take a quick lap whenever I get a minute. This not only gets me up, but it gives me a brain break from my desk!

Take advantage of a standing desk if it works for you.

The placement of the standing desks in my office don’t work well for me, but if it did, I’d probably be using one! Most standing desks are adjustable and allow you to sit if needed. If it’s something you want to try – go for it!

Move the office candy dish to the other side of the floor.

My office not only has packaged candy, but has a “candy of the month” every month. It’s hard for me to resist when it’s one of my favorites, but there is one thing I can do – move it farther away from me. I did this last month and while it didn’t stop me completely, it did slow me down from going to grab “just one more” all the time.

Those are my top 5, but I’d love to hear yours! If you have a desk job, what are your tips and tricks to stay healthy during the workweek?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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8 Responses

  1. When I worked in an office, we had a fully stocked kitchen, and they kept so many great sweets, like my favorite chocolate covered almonds… It was so hard! I so agree with taking many walking breaks and walking during lunch. We never had any standing desks, though my husband really wants one at his office! Another tip I used to try to follow was instead of calling a coworker on the other side of the office, id make a point to walk over and talk to them in person. Just another way to increase your steps 🙂

  2. I go back and forth between being able to eat better at home or at work. When someone brings in a snack, it’s so hard to resist when you see it all day!! I do try to walk as much as possible, just to a different floor or something, but I feel so sedentary!! These are some great tips! What do you pack for lunches?

  3. Candy of the month?! That sounds like torture. That app sounds cool, I may mention it to Conor. He is pushing hard to get a stand up desk in his office right now.

    1. It is. This month it’s M&Ms, which is like my ultimate classic favorite. I’ve been successful staying away so far, but only time will tell…..

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