A Valentine’s Roundup and Exchange!

Is it just me, or do all holidays get more fun once you have kids? As Abbie’s gotten older, it’s been especially fun to explain the holidays for her, and so fun to see her enjoy all the traditions.

Abbie Opening Valentines

One tradition I wasn’t expecting to do for a while was handing out Valentines. I always handed out the store bought ones at school, and I always expected to do the same with Abbie once she got to elementary school. I thought I had a few more years, but lucky for me, some of my blog friends decided to have our kiddos exchange Valentines with each other! For the past few weeks, Abbie has been getting a Valentine or two every day, and I piled them up for her to open at once.

In typical toddler fashion, once I sat her down to open them all up, she would NOT cooperate. I got her to open a few before I dug into all the goodies – you guys, my blog friends are SO talented!


I’ve linked to all their posts below so you can check out all the projects, so make sure to check out all their posts below!


Tawnya, Scarlett, & Bodhi @ All of Life’s Little Adventures

Jennifer & Hattie @ And Hattie Makes Three

Ashley, Waverly, & Avalon @ Being Brickner

Elizabeth & Mason @ Chasin’ Mason

Liz & Jude @ Ellie and Addie

Crystal & Mason @ Hall Around Texas

Desiree, Marcus, & Julia @ Macke Monologues

Natalie & Blair @ Nat Your Average Girl

Sara, Mac, & Mim @ Running From the Law

Jess, Cameron, & Louise @ Scott Family of Maine

Jessica, Cameron, & Emerson @ Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

Sarah, Brantley, & Holden @ Seeing All Sides

Karli, Kaye, & Sawyer @ September Farm

Chrissy & Elin @ Simple Joys Blog

Courtney & Aria | Sweet Turtle Soup

Meghan & Noah @ The Adventure Starts Here

Stephanie & Connor | Wife Mommy Me

Whitney, Kinsey, & Brielana @ Work It Mommy

I had grand plans to create PJ Masks for everyone from these templates, but that completely fell apart. Let’s be honest – I didn’t have the time or patience to cut everything out, so as always, I turned to Etsy. I found these Valentine’s and was able to get them in digital download, then added some M&Ms and called it a day. 

Every kid likes candy on Valentine’s Day, right?

 Hope you have fun hopping around to all the posts and happy early Valentine’s Day!

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16 Responses

  1. Loved yours, of course! I am not sure if Cam loved the candy or PJ Masks more! I may or may not have eaten Louise’s, so thank you! 😉

  2. Dude…these were SUCH a big hit at our house! And thank you so much for sending one for each kid – you have no idea how much fighting you saved me from with that! You’re the best!

  3. Aria was so excited when she saw PJ Masks! I’m sure she was just as thrilled with the image as with a big ol project of masks, so I say you went with the right choice ha. Funny she didn’t want to open her cards. I mean did she see the goodies in some? Aria was all over that part.

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this idea. Shoot, I need to be online more….or REALLY get back into reading blogs (i need more time in the day!!), because this is what I miss. So much fun! Julia just mailed out two cards to her grandparents today, and she was beyond excited when she got some Valentine cards the other day from them. It’s the little things!

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