Stitch Fix January 2017, Round Two

I’ve got another Stitch Fix review for you guys today, but it’s not my usual glowing review. This fix was only the second one where I sent everything back, and the first one that I was truly disappointed in.

Stitch Fix January 2017 - the one where I sent it all back.

The postpartum period is a strange one. I’m not quite feeling like myself again yet, but I want to. I still have a little bit of weight hanging around my middle, which isn’t where I typically carry my weight (I usually carry it below or above that). Very little in my closet makes me happy, and so many of my shirts are not nursing friendly. Add in that I’m about to go back to work, and I completely understand why it’s hard to style someone in this phase. But this fix was just so wrong. So let’s get to what went wrong, shall we?

Market & Spruce Kelin Henley Knit Top – XXL – $54

Market & Spruce Kelin Henley Knit Top

First, notice the size of this. Typically, I wear an XL. Stitch Fix sized me up in this shirt, and I really didn’t think they needed to – I felt like I was wearing a tent. It’s a shame because I loved the color and fabric (it was really soft!) but this shirt just did NOT do me any favors.  Verdict: Returned

Margaret M Sylvie Printed Straight Leg Pant – XL – $98

Margaret M Sylvie Printed Straight Leg Pant 

This is another item that was sized up. I have two other pairs of Margaret M pants that I love in size large. They were pricey, but they wear well and stretch, so they were worth it. That’s the main problem here. I also wasn’t crazy about the fact that they were patterned. I prefer to wear solid pants. In the end, the pattern and the fact that they were too big made these an obvious choice to go back. Verdict: Returned

Olive & Oak Dakata Button Up Knit Top – XXL – $58

Olive & Oak Dakata Button Up Knit Top

 Yet another item that was sized up (are you sensing a theme here?). I loved the fabric of this shirt and how soft it was. It was really great quality, but I felt by sizing up it just looked like a tent on me. I’m also not a huge fan of button downs. While I loved the striped detail in the back, I prefer things fitted, even if I need shapewear for it. Verdict: Returned

41 Hawthorn Bethane Faux Wrap Knit Top – XXL – $54

41 Hawthorn Bethane Faux Wrap Knit Top

 This item was sized up too, but the exception was that in this case, it was warranted. This top fit well, but the material was polyester and just wasn’t worth it for the price. Looking at the photos, it also emphasizes my tummy, and we all know I’m trying to hide that. Verdict: Returned

Daniel Rainn Parley Split Neck Top – XL – $68

Daniel Rainn Parley Split Neck Top

This is the only item in my box that was not sized up, and the only one I considered keeping. In the end, I felt it just was too boxy and not really my style, so back it went. Verdict: Returned

I sent it ALL back. I was honestly so disappointed with this fix. I’m not feeling too great about where my body is right now, and sizing everything up (and then it not fitting right) just made me feel worse. I would much rather invest in some shapewear and wear something a bit more fitted.

So, I did something I have never done before with Stitch Fix – I sent them an email expressing my disappointment. In the almost 3 years I’ve been receiving fixes, I had never had one I was so upset with, and I told them so. I asked for my old pre-pregnancy stylist back (Darla) and told them just what made me so disappointed with my fix. 

And this is why I love this company and continue to get fixes – they have great customer service. I received a response within 12 hours waiving my next styling fee and noting that I wanted Darla back. I immediately moved my fix up to this week, and I’m hopeful it’s better. Stay tuned for the next one, and if you haven’t tried Stitch Fix before, you can sign up here!

Do you agree with me sending everything back? 

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7 Responses

  1. I definitely agree about sending everything back! I will add one caveat though, that I have exchanged a few items before to size up or down and have had GREAT success with doing that. So, if you end up really loving an item(not this box, but in the future!) don’t be afraid to try out that feature!

    I can’t wait to see your do over box 🙂

    1. That’s good to know that exchanging worked for you! I’m just so timid on that because I know you can’t return if you exchange. Fingers crossed I won’t need it though! 🙂

  2. Yes, totally agree with your decisions!! That weird postpartum area when things aren’t quiet right yet is such a wonky time. And then to have a fix come that doesn’t help… So sorry this wasn’t the typical Fix. I can’t wait to see what your next box brings!

  3. I’ve never had much luck with Stitch Fix. I think it’s because the pricey is just too high for me. I’m such a bargain shopper. I am glad you spoke up and reach out to them and they were kind enough to work with you!

    1. I think it really depends on the person. I just don’t have the patience to shop, let alone search for the bargains. I love them shopping for me and overall I’ve had good experiences. We’ll see what the new box brings!

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