The Best Gifts for a Meaningful Holiday

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Does anyone else struggle to figure out the perfect gifts for your kids? I know I do. I’ve been trying to be really intentional about gifts for the girls this holiday season, and looking for the right balance between meaningful gifts and fun ones. It isn’t easy, especially with an almost seven year old who wants all the things in the toy catalog, but doesn’t always look for the connection behind it.

Since we’re an interfaith family, we have more holidays than usual to celebrate this time of year – both Hannukah and Christmas (not to mention that Abbie’s birthday is December 21). Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy, and I’m so happy to be featuring a few amazing ideas today – all things Abbie loved (and I bet your girls will too)!

First up is the book Leading the Way: Women in Power. Abbie is very into history, so this book is a perfect fit for her, showcasing profiles of current and historical women in politics. There are 50 profiles showcased in the book and they include women of all different backgrounds, including Shirley Chisholm, Sandra Day O’Connor, and more. While they are all women in politics, the profiles focus on each woman’s achievements and major interests rather than party affiliation. I was so impressed by this book – and the fact that one of the authors, Senator Janet Howell, is a local Virginia senator! You can read more about it and grab your copy here!

Next up are some fun toys from Jaaks to spark laughs and imagination! Abbie thought this Chocolate Poop Maker was the funniest thing and couldn’t wait to make her own chocolate poops – which I honestly think is more an activity for her to do with her dad than with me! Kids melt the chocolate “flush” it down the toilet, pour it into a mold and refrigerate until set. You can find it here. We also got Giganto from Disney’s Gigantosaurus, and Abbie had so much fun playing with him. His mouth opens and closes with roaring sounds, he makes stomping sounds as he stomps along. I know this is one Abbie will be able to share with her 3 year old sister, Ella – so this is a hit all around for us. You can find him here!

You can never go wrong with accessories for young girls, and this beanie from Justice is no exception. It gets pretty cold in Virginia in the winter, and I love this soft knit beanie to keep her warm – and to match so many things she owns. Abbie loved the soft teal color of this one, and I know it’ll keep her cozy! You can find this beanie and more options at Justice online here!

Speaking of soft and cuddly, Build-A-Bear has some of the sweetest holiday sets, and Abbie wouldn’t let go of hers from the moment she saw it. This Sequin Mermaid Gift set has the softest floppy-eared bunny dressed in a holiday mermaid costume! Abbie loved how her tail flipped from red to gold, and I love how customizable Build-A-Bear is! You can find out more about this year’s gift sets here, and get $5 off a purchase of $25 or more with the code BEARYMERRY (online or in your local store, details here).

Finally, we have the gift that I already know is going to do so much for our family in helping my girls connect more to their Jewish heritage. Finding role examples to connect my girls with their heritage isn’t always easy, and I’m so thrilled that American Girl now has Rebecca Rubin available. Not only is Rebecca a beautiful doll, but the stories her books tell showcase her heritage, her Jewish values, and the beautiful things about being Jewish. Included with our doll were the Parlor Table and a Sabbath (Shabbat) set, complete with a challah and rugelach, one of my favorites. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to connect Shabbat with something Abbie can play with and understand just a bit better. Also included was Rebecca’s Hannukah dress and the kittens from one of her stories. I know I’ll be adding to our collection little by little. I loved American Girls dolls as a child and always wanted one, and giving such a meaningful one to my daughter is priceless. You can find out more about Rebecca and grab your own here!

Hope you find the perfect gift for your little ones, and that it’s meaningful and fun! What’s on your list this year for your kids?


#AD Looking for the best gifts for a meaningful holiday season? Here are the best ideas to gift your girls, from the fun to the meaningful! #Gifts4KidsBBoxx

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