This Weekend Kicked My Butt.

Seriously…it did.  I feel SO behind today and this weekend is 100% why.

It started out fine – I had a half day on Friday so I could get a haircut (it hadn’t been cut in over 5 months!) and head down to Stafford for the used clothing sale.  We volunteer so we can shop Friday night, which means working that night as well.  My mom needed a high chair for Abbie for her house, so we needed to be there Friday night for sure.

I am terrible at selfies (especially in the ladies’ room at work)
…but at least you know how my haircut turned out!

We ended up scoring a high chair for only $10 plus some toys to keep at Grandmas…and some clothes, of course.  Usually my mom and I agree on baby clothes, but that was before my mom wanted to get Abbie overalls.

I do NOT like overalls.  She couldn’t understand it, and kept insisting that my sisters and I all wore overalls… back when she was dressing us.  Have you seen us wear them since?  Somehow, I think Abbie would be mortified if she saw pictures of herself wearing overalls.  Just not our thing.  On the other hand, baby jeans (which my mom hates) might be the cutest thing ever.  Silly moms.

Near the end of our shift, I started to not feel great, so I was pretty happy when we were able to leave a little bit early.  Once I got home, I headed straight to bed.

I must have caught some sort of bug, because I work up Saturday feeling pretty gross.  You know how you get achy all over when you have the flu?  Yeah, I felt like that.  We started the day by opening Abbie’s Citrus Lane box…

She immediately grabbed that tamborine…and LOVES it.  I guess we’ll just have to get used to the noise!

We didn’t have much planned for the day.  Since I didn’t feel well, I took full advantage of Abbie’s naps and took naps when she did…and was in bed for the night at 9pm.

Sunday I felt a little better, but still congested.  We headed down to Fredericksburg for Addy’s first birthday party.  I expected Abbie to nap on the (hour and a half) drive down…and she fell asleep when we were only 30 minutes away.  Nap fail.

The babies played, and Addy opened her presents (a lot of tea party sets, including ours – apparently it’s a popular thing to give a girl).  Of course, there was Addy’s first taste of cake…

She more poked at it than anything else…she, like Abbie, definitely needed a nap!

We then headed to my parents’ house where Abbie got to play with her new toys and went for a ride in one of our other sale finds – a wagon for only $10!  She loved it.

We headed home after dinner, and Abbie passed out pretty quickly in car since she’d only napped 30 minutes all day…needless to say I’m pretty happy for things to go back to a routine today!  I’m feeling much better and so glad…who wants to spend the last day of their 20s sick?  Not this girl!

Hope you had a great Monday!  Plus, if you haven’t seen it, I’m posting my tips for new moms over at Jessica Lynn Writes today…make sure you take a peek!

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About Jess

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