Thursday Thoughts

Because there’s way too much in my brain right now, and I just need to get it out….

  • I’m still getting used to this new commute, and it isn’t easy.  Why haven’t we invented teleportation or flying cars yet?  Seriously, the Jetsons and every other futuristic TV show of my youth lied to me.
  • I really can’t stand bad drivers.  Or slow drivers.  Or basically anyone in my way.  What is your problem, people?
  • Abbie’s favorite thing to do on the ride home is listen to Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins music.  Needless to say, I know the words to almost all of them and can tell you what episode the Sofia ones are in.  Hey Disney, could you get me some new songs for my iTunes?  I’m tired of the same ones.

My Disney Junior Playlist...Abbie's Favorite.

  • That said, I can’t download iOS 8 because there isn’t enough space on my phone.  When I upgrade next (which won’t be until NEXT November when my contract runs out), I’ll definitely need minimum 64 GB of storage.  This 32 is just not cutting it anymore.
  • Now I have to delete photos and videos from my phone.  Any maybe some songs.  Why I didn’t just get a bigger storage phone when I got this one is beyond me.
  • Yesterday I was really lazy and didn’t even hit 8,000 steps.  It’s the first time all month I haven’t hit 12,000.  I figure I’m just making up for move day, when I got over 23,000.
  • I really could use some more coffee.
  • I’m itching for a new computer.  My computer’s about 3 1/2 years old and starting to be super slow, but it isn’t in the budget to replace it right now.  Why the things I want have to be so expensive, I’ll never know.
  • There are still zero pictures on the wall in our house.  Mostly because I can’t decide which photos I want and where I want to put them.
  • It would be great if naptime at work was a thing.  Seriously.  No time to sleep lately.
  • This little girl just cracks me up.  She’s been way more cuddly lately, especially at night.  Since our commutes are longer now, we adjusted her bedtime by about 15 minutes so we get a little bit more time with just us and her.  She’s been cuddling up with me or Chris most evenings now.
  • I finally bought my first pair of boots (well, other than Uggs).  I have enormous calves and it’s really hard to find ones that fit, and I finally did!  Thankfully, they were on sale, and I’m hoping my upcoming Stitch Fix box has some skinny jeans in it.  Fingers crossed!

Brown Boots

  • Also, I’m going to get my Stitch Fix boxes more often going forward.  I don’t have time to shop, and I don’t mind the little bit of markup they do for the convenience of having it arrive at my door.
  • So so so many people I know are pregnant right now – both in blogland and real life.  It’s giving me a bit of baby fever, but Chris and I do want to wait a little while still before trying.  Can someone lend me a baby to snuggle and give back?
  • We’re officially in the midst of consignment sale season, plus I’ve seen a lot of great kids’ sales lately.  I’ve started stocking Abbie up – I don’t know that she’s quite ready for size 3T in weight yet, but our tall girl probably is in height.  Definitely comes from Chris, not me!
  • We have our family photos scheduled for November 1, and I’m trying to figure out what colors we’ll wear.  I saw a few examples of people wearing navy, brown and green, so I’m thinking that, but not sure.  Definitely hoping to wear my new boots though!
  • Also, I have no idea if Abbie will behave for pictures.  Girlfriend does NOT like to hold still.
  • In about 3 months, I’ll have  a 2 year old.  Seriously?

What’s on your mind today?

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13 Responses

  1. Umm, nap time at work is a genius idea!

    I have huge calves too! I feel like they are freakish! 🙁 And YES, they make finding boots that fit SO difficult!

    1. I know, right? Why do the kids get all the amazing things?

      It is really difficult. The brand I found is called bare trap, if that helps!

  2. Glad to hear you’re getting settled into the new place. Sorry the commute sucks. Love the boots! I think we’re doing a similar navy/brown/green theme for our fall photos. And you’re more than welcome to come over and snuggle with our little one! Particularly between the hours of 6-10 at night while she’s screaming her head off. That would serve as great birth control! 🙂

    1. Hahahaha, I’m sure I’d remember WHY we’re waiting real quick… but I totally would if you didn’t live so far away!

  3. A few things.

    Anyone driving “in my way” annoys the tar out of me to.

    CUTE boots! I seriously want a new pair of brown boots.

    I have been consignment sale prepping all week now which always makes me realize how much stuff my girls have, It is CRAZY!

    My girls are tall ones to. The youngest is impossible to find pants for because she is 3, a 5T is almost to short in length but she is so skinny they just want to fall of, OI.

    1. Oh, driving. Seriously, I want to teleport.

      Consignment makes me so happy. For now I’m holding on to everything after she’s done since we’re planning on having more kids, but once I’m done, someone is going to be very happy with my stuff!

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