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It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so I thought I’d link up with Nat at East Coast Chic and Annie from Home of Malones today for Thursday thoughts. Here’s a snippet of what’s going on in our world!

Chris’ last day at his current job is today, and that means lots of changes around here. In addition to the travel he’ll be doing, we’ll also have another adjustment – commuting together! His new job is in the same place as mine (just across the street), so we’ll be commuting together for the first time. I’m excited for the positives that it brings (gas savings, being able to use HOV more often), but nervous about getting the timing right of dropping Abbie off, dropping Chris off, and getting to work on time… then doing the same in reverse. I know we’ll adjust, but there will be a period of working out the timing of it.

My September Stitch Fix box arrived yesterday, and every month this solidifies more and more how much I love this service. Getting these boxes every month has really helped me figure out exactly what my personal style is and isn’t, and the time savings of going shopping is worth it ALONE. I’ll be doing my full reveal post next week, but here’s a sneak peek…. and that beautiful hunter green bag? It’s lined with polka dots, guys. It’s like they know me.

Stitch Fix Sept 2015

With every season change, I get the urge to change things up in the house. We have A LOT of projects to get to since moving in last year, but it’s slowly but surely coming along. I ordered some new bedding last week and it arrived yesterday (it’s in on the left in this photo), and I’m so happy with the change. Our previous bedding was a dark purple (so dark Chris thought it was black for some reason), and this is a welcome change. The gray is a medium gray, so I’m thinking eventually we’ll paint the walls a light gray. I’ve got a lot of other projects in the pipeline, but it feels good to start making those changes.

Abbie is becoming more and more like a kid each day, but still has ZERO interest in potty training. Tawnya wrote about her daughter’s potty training experience yesterday, and I have to tell you – it felt so good to read that. I’ve been asked more and more often lately if Abbie is potty training, and to be honest, it’s getting annoying. She’ll train when she’s ready, although I’m hoping it’s around Christmas simply because my company gives a lot of time off for the holidays. We’ll see. For now, we’re sticking with our cloth diapers… which I have an update on in the works!

When we got my new car back in July, it came with 3 months of free Sirius radio… and I gotta say, I’m going to miss it when it’s gone. It’s too expensive to justify the cost, but when they play Spice Girls AND O-Town? My middle school and high school heart loves it all.



We’re entering consignment sale season, and I’m so confused about what size to buy for Abbie. She’s ridiculously tall, which puts her in 4T clothes. She has a big head (thanks, Chris’ dad’s side of the family), so that puts her in 4T to 5T or kids small…. and she’s average in weight, which puts her in a 3T. So confusing. I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot of layering this winter since I’ll end up buying mostly short sleeved stuff just to make sure it gets used. Kids sizing is so weird.

I’m finally getting back into reading. I finished Who do you Love? by Jennifer Weiner last week and this week I’m reading Mindy Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me? So far I’m really enjoying it and it feels good to get back into reading again – I’ve really missed it and I’m SUPER behind on my reading goal for the year.

I went into Gymboree this week and it SERIOUSLY made me wish I was pregnant with a girl… because they have a whole line of girl clothes with squirrels on them. My Alpha Gam squirrel-loving heart just couldn’t take it and I nearly bought it all just to save, you know, in case we have another girl later. It’s TOO adorable. If it was in Abbie’s sizes, I would have bought it all for sure.

Squirrel Gymboree

Last but not least, my new iPhone arrives tomorrow and I’m pretty stinking excited. If you need me, I’ll be stalking the tracking number all day.

What’s going on in your world lately?

Thoughts for Thursday

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4 Responses

  1. My husband and I commuted together for several years (we actually worked at the same company at the time) and it was so nice to save on gas costs. We switched cars every other week, so it was nice to have a break from driving every so often as well.

    I can’t believe so many people are concerned with toddlers and potty training. I’ve been reading this a lot lately and it really irks me. Why is it anyone else’s business if your kid uses the potty or not?

    And I’m with you on the kids’ sizing. Tops are usually okay but pants kill me. I have such a hard time finding pants that fit in both the waist and the length.

  2. The commute will be great family time, plus I know I would make my husband drive! I hate to drive with him in the car! It’s going to be a new adventure, and you’ll figure it out. I love Gymboree’s clothes, too. My kids shop at Abercrombie at this point, but they will do anything to avoid going to the mall. I really don’t buy many clothes for them. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love Sirius Radio! I don’t have a subscription myself, but whenever I use my moms car I can’t get enough of the 90’s on 9 channel. Spice Girls and O-Town in one ride is amazing! I haven’t heard O-Town in forever (I may have just opened a new browser window to youtube them. I can’t wait for your Stitch Fix reveal, I love seeing them and wish I could get it in Canada!

    Have a great weekend!

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